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fanniefarkle's Avatar fanniefarkle 10:29 PM 07-06-2008
You know those tiny little cups you sometimes get with take out that contain salad dressing or some sort of dip? Well, I had washed one of those containers for the recycling bin, but it was just sitting out on my kitchen counter. I made a cup of hot tea, and I usually like to use the tea bag a second time for a another cup. I hate sitting the wet tea bag on the counter, but that's what I usually do. That little cup was just the right size for my tea bag. Just thought that was kinda neat.

loriedna's Avatar loriedna 11:11 AM 07-07-2008
That's a nice idea.
Lemon Juice's Avatar Lemon Juice 04:31 PM 07-15-2008
Great idea! You can also use the for painting w/ your kids or to store things (like glitter or google eyes, etc).
EnviroBecca's Avatar EnviroBecca 05:04 PM 08-08-2008
When I was reusing teabags at work, I used the little cups from co-workers' applesauce or pudding, which for some reason are almost always made of layered unrecyclable (type 7) plastic. One of them would last six months or so, and when it got gross I'd just glance into wastebaskets until I found one to rinse out!

At home, I have a set of tiny ceramic sauce dishes, and teabags are the main thing they get used for. That, and the olive oil for my nose when I have a bad cold so that I only have to handle the oil bottle once.
wendyland's Avatar wendyland 03:15 PM 08-13-2008
I saw on another thread that someone made little popsicles in them. They cut a slit in the lid to hold the toothpic or stick in place.