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4Marmalade's Avatar 4Marmalade 11:26 AM 09-03-2008
We obviously compost and recycle as much as we can. At the grovery store we use green boxes and canvas bags. Before that we always used the plastic grocery bags as our garbage bags at home. Now we never have any kicking around so we make the occasional trip to the store and pack the groceries in the plastic bags so we have garbage bags for the house. Is this better than purchasing a box of plastic bags? I have to say that I've never really looked for an environmentally-friendly garbage bag. Does such a thing exist?

jrabbit's Avatar jrabbit 12:58 PM 09-03-2008
yes, there are plastic garbage bags that are biodegradable.

I think you should support THAT type of industry, not the foolish grocery stores, who think that everyone WANTS plastic bags to take their groceries home in.

we just watched Sundance Channel Big Ideas for a Small Planet episode on plastic - and they are making AMAZING advancements in a corn-based "plastic" polymer. It's pretty exciting.
MacroMama's Avatar MacroMama 01:53 PM 09-03-2008
We used to do that as well. However, now we use paper bags as our garbage bags and try to recycle any plastic bags that somehow make it into our home.

For things that need a plastic bag to contain them, we use plastic bags we can't recycle (ie- the frozen food bags, certain other packaging) and use those as little mini trash bags that we put inside our paper garbage bags. More work, but definitely worth it to prevent recyclable plastic bags from being in the dumps!

I wasn't aware of the corn plastic bags though. That's something to think about!
lucyem's Avatar lucyem 02:32 PM 09-03-2008
We used to buy only cornstarch garbage bags. But then they disappeared and I have not been able to find them again for a while. They were not the most durable but better then plastic. I just found these in a quick search:
NettleTea's Avatar NettleTea 04:32 PM 09-10-2008
jjawm's Avatar jjawm 04:34 PM 09-10-2008
We use 7th generation and like them.

I have reuable grocery bags that I love, so I don't end up with a big stack of the grocery store ones.
guestmama9904's Avatar guestmama9904 03:55 PM 09-13-2008
at my local co-op they have begun selling reusable grocery bags made out of recycled plastic for 80 cents each, so we've been using those for the grocerys when i remember to bring them

for garbage bags i have found three different brands of biodegradable bags. one is by seventh generation, one is by Biobags and the other was a store brand. i believe they are all made from corn. do note that they cost about 50 cents each vs. maybe 5-10 cents each for regular garbage bags.
nursingmom's Avatar nursingmom 02:07 PM 09-15-2008
Yes... there is bio bags! Great alternative to plastic bags used for trash or lawn debris. .... or dog waste bags!
dogmom327's Avatar dogmom327 02:30 PM 09-15-2008
I second using Biobags!
MacroMama's Avatar MacroMama 03:15 PM 09-16-2008
Hmm, the Seventh Generation trash bags are recycled (Good!), but they are still plastic which means it'll still take hundreds of years to decompose...

I think we'll be looking at the Biobags...
ChetMC's Avatar ChetMC 07:00 PM 09-16-2008
I try and use whatever is around the house. I stuff empty chip bags with garbage for example since they are going to the dump anyway. We really don't produce much garbage, and what we do generate seemed to pack up okay without buying a special product for the purposes of disposal.

I'd like to just dump stuff directly in the garbage bin, but I believe that the city requires it to be bagged. I suspect that it's easier for the robot garbage truck to not have loose stuff.

We use the paper bags from the grocery store for our compost.