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Munki'sMom's Avatar Munki'sMom 05:16 PM 04-08-2008
What number of kiddos will this make for you? This is our 3rd. I'm excited, yet skeered!

Starfish11's Avatar Starfish11 05:19 PM 04-08-2008
It's our first! So excited and nervous...
momto3wantingmore's Avatar momto3wantingmore 05:22 PM 04-08-2008
#4 for me. lol everyone keeps me I am nuts lol
Motherto4's Avatar Motherto4 06:18 PM 04-08-2008
# 4 for me too. Every one thinks they need to put in there two cents. It drives me crazy! "Yes I know how it happens, I guess we just have more fun then you!!!"
Motherto4's Avatar Motherto4 06:22 PM 04-08-2008
OH and #3 is easyer then #2 or #1!
AutumnMama's Avatar AutumnMama 06:24 PM 04-08-2008
#4 for us as well. This will most likely be our last, so I want to make sure I do everything the way I wanted to do in all of my previous pg's

We aren't really telling people yet, DH's family doesn't even know yet, but I'm sure I'll get looks and comments.

ETA: From strangers that is, his family will be excited :
Munki'sMom's Avatar Munki'sMom 07:19 PM 04-08-2008
[QUOTE][/OH and #3 is easyer then #2 or #1!QUOTE]

This gives me hope! LOL
RoadWorkAhead's Avatar RoadWorkAhead 08:04 PM 04-08-2008
Originally Posted by Motherto4 View Post
OH and #3 is easyer then #2 or #1!
Oh god I hope so!!

This is #3 for us, #1 has sensory issues and #2 is g-tube fed medical food with no safe solids yet, so having another seems daunting at times!
waldorfknitmama's Avatar waldorfknitmama 08:25 PM 04-08-2008
Yaaayyy! This is number 2 for us, I like to say 2 down 8 more to go!!!! I am an only child so I always wanted to have tons of kids!!!
3for_me's Avatar 3for_me 10:04 PM 04-08-2008
This is #4 for us too. Everyone keeps asking us if this was a suprise. When we say that we planned it they say Oh.
Funny Face's Avatar Funny Face 11:07 PM 04-08-2008
This is my third pregnancy and will be our second living child. I had noticed before that we had lots of #4 mamas! You ladies rock!
arizonawillow's Avatar arizonawillow 12:01 AM 04-09-2008
3rd baby. My two olders will be 8.5 and 4.5 when the baby is born. I'm not worried; I know it will be challenging but I'm really glad we have the spacing we do.
joannamf's Avatar joannamf 12:27 AM 04-09-2008
This is our first baby!
Motherto4's Avatar Motherto4 12:00 PM 04-09-2008
My husband will have as many kids as I am willing to have! People ask (already) Is this your last one. I never like to say this is my last pregnancy. I enjoy being pregnant and it makes me extreamly sad to think this is my last! People need to mind there own buisness. I am going to get this shirt!

They also have one that says"no there not all mine, I gathered up all the neighborhood kids then went shopping!"
kayla14's Avatar kayla14 01:39 PM 04-09-2008
This is #5 for us!!
etoilech's Avatar etoilech 01:59 PM 04-09-2008
This will be number three for us. Three is our magic number.
sillynika's Avatar sillynika 04:50 PM 04-09-2008
This is my third pregnancy and will hopefully be my second child
rstump's Avatar rstump 10:21 PM 04-09-2008
#5 for us!
~Mamaterra~'s Avatar ~Mamaterra~ 12:36 AM 04-10-2008
#8th pregnancy for me and hopefully : , our 4th child.
pantufla's Avatar pantufla 03:55 AM 04-11-2008
#3 for us.