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NettleTea's Avatar NettleTea 03:28 PM 04-20-2009
I just finished reading The Big Turnoff by Ellen Currey-Wilson. I really enjoyed it despite there being some annoying parts. The different AP things mentioned in the early part of the book were nice.

It helped me to read this book. Because I see that a lot of things that she has dealt with from too much tv is also stuff I have dealt with, but did not know it was from all those years of sitting and wasting away in front of the thing. When she talks about escaping from stuff, inability to deal with problems, emotional issues and more...I could relate to much of it. I've only recently noticed that I do not almost always have a cloud of sadness hanging over my head throughout the week. It slowly disappeared over the past year since cutting the cable. That is just one of many improvements.

I like what she wrote about where she gets all of her energy:

"I want to tell her that it's because I've stopped watching television. I want to tell her how hard it is to stop watching at first, because the more you've been watching, the more likely you are to be depressed. And when you stop, you get even more depressed before you start getting better. But you do get better, lots better."

Nice book. Gave me something fun to read. Has anyone else read it?

homefrontgirl's Avatar homefrontgirl 01:30 AM 04-21-2009
I read it last year and really enjoyed it. She has a self-depreciating style of writing I found enjoyable. Some of her anecdotes we're a little irritating to me, but overall a very good read. Glad you liked it!
Arwyn's Avatar Arwyn 02:31 AM 04-21-2009
Yes! And I think I discussed it in here somewhere, a while back...

ETA Ah hah! Here we are. I can unlock that thread if you like, or just continue discussing it here.
NettleTea's Avatar NettleTea 04:55 AM 04-21-2009
I remember reading that thread. It took me a year to buy the book!
Qbear'smama's Avatar Qbear'smama 04:38 PM 04-22-2009
You mamas have inspired me, I just ordered the book and emailed DH about figuring out what to do about the tv (we're both at work right now . DD just turned 3 and watches too much tv, as we all do. Well, summer is coming, no time like the present to discuss and make changes. Thanks!!
NettleTea's Avatar NettleTea 04:23 PM 05-04-2009
Great to hear!