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Hello to all you TV free(and loving it I'm sure) Mamas,
My question stems from another post I made a few days ago about breaking the TV habit and figuring out what to do with my days.
I feel like I'm getting closer to putting the TV in the collection bin for our local thrift store, lol, but I think I am going to need a schedule for my days, atleast in the beginning.
Now the problem is I am pretty much fundamently against schedules and before I get ahead of myself let me explain that I I realize I don't have to have a schedule, but for this I realy think it would help, even though it goes against my own true nature, this is more about my DD.

So please, tell me about your schedule, step by step what does you day entail and do you follow a schedule and if so do you enjoy it/ think it adds to your days?
I am cross-posting this in parenting...

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Hi, while I'm not completely TV Free (my older kids (13 & 15) watch shows when my youngest is sleeping or outside playing). We have somewhat of a schedule due to school with the oldest girls. We have to have the older girls out of the house by 7:00 & 7:20 to make the bus so the youngest is usually awake due to noise by 7:00. She likes to lounge around for quite a while in the morning. She'll eat bfast about an hour after she wakes up. Then we play, read books and puzzles till about 10 then we stop for a small snack. (we didn't pre-plan times, that's just how it worked out...about every 2hrs she eats). We usually go out for a while after that to either run errands or go to a playground until about noon. Then we have lunch, clean up and head up to bed for nap. She sleeps 2 hrs usually. When she gets up, she likes to lounge around again for about 20-30 mins. Then it's snack time (again) and time to play out in the yard (garden, kickball, swing, sandbox). Usually we spend about 1 1/2 hours in the afternoon. Then we come in and work on supper. The kids all play together after supper is cleaned up. Then it's bath time and time for books, bed. We didn't plan a routine for just sort of fell into place. Sometimes when she's not feeling well or seems to be really cranky after her nap I'll let her watch a few minutes of something on PBS. Otherwise we usually just listen to music on the computer. Hope that helps. Best of luck!
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We don't have a "schedule", but our days do seem to follow a routine that works well for us.

DS wakes up around 6am. DH is an early riser, so they eat breakfast & I get to sleep a bit longer
Around 7:30am, DH leaves for work and I take over. While we don't have a TV, I do allow DS to play games on the computer while I shower & get dressed. He loves
After I'm dressed, I get him dressed and then we either read books, listen to music, or play for a little while.
Next is a morning snack, potty, and naptime around 10am.
He naps until around 12pm. During that time, I clean, do chores, or knit
He wakes up and we eat lunch.
The afternoon can vary - if it's nice, we go outside. Or do art at the kitchen table. Or he will "help" me with whatever chores I'm doing.
We stop to have an afternoon snack around 3pm. Usually around 4, we begin getting things ready for dinner. DH comes home at 5 and we eat dinner together.
After that, DH takes over and does the bath, then either reads books or plays before bed. DS is starting his bedtime routine around 7pm.
That's a pretty typical day for us. If we have somewhere to go, like a playdate or go to a museum, things can get pushed around a bit. But we are all happier if the predictable routine is followed

Amanda , mama to my two boys: N (10/06) and : A (7/09)
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We don't have a schedule, but I do maintain a rhythm for our day, based around the times DD and I need to eat and timing that works well for us (i.e. if we need to drive somewhere, mid-day is less trouble then afternoon or morning with the traffic here, its best to do laundry first thing so I can hang it in the sun to dry). The timing issues translate in a more global sense- we tend to do chores first thing, then we go out (whether it is errands or just to the nearby park or on a playdate), then I try to do activities that actively engage DD to prevent us from getting on each other's nerves (so crafts, baking, etc), then we have some downtime (often me lying down reading with DD, sometimes she'd rather play) before putting dinner together and straightening up before DP arrives home.

Mama to Raina (9/06) and Peter (8/09)!
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We have a very loose schedule. DD wakes up around 6:30 a.m. and we immediately head to the kitchen for breakfast. Lately, she's wanted to play with her play dough right away, so we'll immediately transition to that after finishing breakfast.

After that, we generally play, do chores or a couple mornings a week we Skype (video chat) with my best girlfriend who lives far away and her toddler for a while. The video chatting basically consists of us mamas chatting while watching, feeding, reading to and playing with our toddler girls. Both of us have laptops, so we're free to move from room to room.

Lunchtime is around 11:00 a.m., then we may play a bit longer or finish up some chores before she goes down for a nap. We read a few stories, then I give her a kiss and she eventually drifts off to sleep.

After she wakes up, it's playtime. She'll help with chores, eat a snack and the eventually we head outside to play until DH comes home (he gets home from work around 2:30 p.m.).

Since we only have one car, DD and I generally run errands or head to the library in the afternoons after DH gets home. Then we eat dinner and play until bedtime, which is 7 p.m. Baths come every other night - at 6 p.m.

SAHM to DD (6/07) and DS (10/09); happily married to DH since 2/04 .
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Something to consider, have you been letting the TV make a schedule for you?
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We don't have a schedule per se, but here's how our mostly-TV-free days tend to go:

On 'school days' - our son goes to nursery school three days per week
6:30-7 all wake up, one adult showers while the other makes breakfast
7:30+ other adult showers while first adult gets self and toddler dressed
8:15ish out the door for school/work
3:30ish home from school/work, have a snack, DS plays, sometimes outside, sometimes inside, sometimes with whichever of us is home, sometimes by himself. In the 3:30-5:30 period, DS sometimes (I'd say 2/3rds of days) asks "to watch," that is to watch a DVD. If he asks, we let him watch 30 minutes worth of Bob the Builder or a children's documentary about farm life. We also have a National Geographic one about lions, but that requires careful parental supervision to skip over the part with the dead baby elephant.
From 5 or 5:30 we start making dinner, aim to eat by 6 or 6:30 at the latest, then quiet play or baths and bedtime (for DS) between 7 and 8.
The grown-ups watch DVDs in the evenings maybe 50% of the time. Other evenings we work on whatever projects we have going or tidy up or chat or (especially lately, for me) go to bed early.

On non-school days, we have lunch about noon and then a "quiet time" between about 1 and 2:30 or 3. We read in bed together or DS plays with a quiet toy in our room. Sometimes we sleep and sometimes we don't.

We haven't had TV (other than DVDs of movies and TV programs - right now we're watching The Wire) in 9+ years, so it's really easy to not structure our lives around TV or to use TV as a 'parenting tool' for our child. I do try to work on my grown-up projects if he's watching a DVD (sew or start prepping dinner), but I very very very rarely put on a DVD to distract him so I can focus on something else.

Expat mama to my 7-year-old Halloween boy and my cheeky preschooler, who came before the midwife in January 2010... Gestating a new bean, debuting spring 2014!
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