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Mama_Meme's Avatar Mama_Meme 11:05 PM 01-08-2010
Hi all!

my DH programs iPhones for a living. we have 4 of them in our house, all with different apps on them. A lot of the apps that my DH programs are for pre-schoolers.
My DD is 26 months, she has grown up with iPhones all around her. She loves playing on them.
Though I do limit her time on them, I find that she plays on it more than I am comfortable with. However, DH (obviously) doesn't find too much of a problem with it. He thinks that video games are interactive (and all the ones she plays are) and he or I often play them with her, talk to her while she's playing so it's not like she's just "zoning out". The other thing is, we just can't keep them away from her. there are four of them in our house and DH works from home, so all day long they are available to her.

We have not ever watched TV, or videos and I feel really strongly about that. anyone have any ideas if video games are as detrimental? and/or how I might be able to keep it away from her.

As a side note, we get LOTS of activity every day, go outside every day and are generally engaged in lots of creative, interactive and participatory things.

guestmama9971's Avatar guestmama9971 05:28 PM 01-22-2010