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i am wondering, for those of you who are raising your kids (at least for now) tv-free, are you and your spouses/partners tv-free as well? and why or why not? for me it seems like a natural extension, but i'm curious how others think about it.
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I can't claim that my kids have never, ever seen TV, but I hate TV so it's never on. I used to watch it all the time, but since my first pregnancy for some reason I find it unbearable. It's weird. There's something so overstimulating about it. I have to have the sound way down. So I hate having the TV on, so I won't turn it on for my kids.

The exceptions are when I'm sick or when my daughter is sick. When I just don't have the energy to deal, or when she's inconsolable (she gets a lot of ear infections and is in a lot of pain), I'll turn Animal Planet on.

Trying to live a simple life in a messy house in a complicated world with : DH, DD (b. 07/07), DS (b. 02/09), and DD (b. 10/10)
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Not entirely. We'll sometimes watch something after the kids go to bed, but that's become rarer and rarer lately.
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We don't have a tv, so no one in the family watches it. Dh hates the tube more than I do, which is saying a lot. He watches a movie or two a year on the computer. I watch dvds or hulu movies when I work out, which I do less and less often, sadly.

TV is depressing.

Happy mom to DS2000, DS2002, DD2004, DS2006 and DS 10/2009:
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when we decided that we didn't want our daughter watching television we realized that the easiest way to accomplish that would be to get rid of it all together, so we cancelled our satellite service. we still have a television if we want to rent a movie, but we do that rarely. so, to answer your question, yes we're tv-free as well.

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I watch tv when they are not awake. We used to not have cable, but got it for the world series for dh. now I watch a little, but the internet is my big vice.

Mama to lovely twin girls 1/08
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DH watches NFL football. Other than that, we don't watch.

~~Kristina~~ Mama to DS(10/30/01), DD1(VBAC 3/28/04) and DD2(HBAC 5/21/06)
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We're tv free too. We did pull our TV out of the basement during the last olympics to watch a few things. I guess that was two years ago now though
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we currently do not own a TV and do not plan on buying one in the foreseeable future. so, we will all be TV free.

though we do occasionally like to watch movies, so we will download them through our computer and watch them that way when we want. it is likely that we will do this after DS has gone to sleep, as DH prefers dramas.
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We don't watch any broadcast TV ourselves (no cable, no TV hooked up to an antenna), but we do watch movies, and DH watches Top Gear on the internet.

I think my daughter is too young for screen time, but when she's older I would have no problem with her watching the occasional movie, or TV show on DVD. It's the, IMHO, excessive use of TV (where somehow 1-2 hours daily is considered "moderate") and the commercialism that I object to. For now, it's easier to have absolutely no TV / screen time for us as I don't want to deal with any nagging for more.

Mum to DD 9/07 and DS 01/11

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We don't own a television. I do watch a fair amount of movies on dvd on the computer. And my kids have a weekly movie night.

Neither dh nor I had a TV when we met, so it's never been an issue.
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Wow, I guess I'm pretty different. We've been TV free for 1.5 years for our kids, but not for ourselves. My DH and I watch TV after the kids go to sleep, several times each week (my DH watches almost daily). My older child is aware that we watch, but seems to accept it quite without concern. For us TV is not for children, but OK for adults. I explained my approach to TV here. We expect to allow our children to watch TV at some point, perhaps as teenagers? Not sure.

I do watch TV less and less now, as my interest in other hobbies (sewing is a big one) grow. My DH, however, has not desire to watch less. I'd like him to watch less.

Blogger/Quilter + Homeschooling Mama to Aria (9) and Liam (7)

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Yes, I am completely TV free. DS is as well except for the occasional show he may see at a friend's house

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No tv at all here and DH and I watch a movie online maybe once a year, if that! I do use the computer dvd player for prenatal yoga and that's it.

After almost 5 years of living this way, I can honestly say life is definitely better without tv!!

SAHM to two amazing boys
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We watch a family movie as a family about once a week. Dh & and I watch another movie together as a couple maybe once a week. Dh likes older 70's TV series that he'll watch from time to tome over hulu.

So the adult's TV viewing is SLIGHTLY more than the children's.
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We're working on it. I'm holding off 'til spring because right now (middle of winter, cold & dark) the idea of doing anything else at night is very unappealing. I hope for DH & I to be mostly tv-free but we may still end up watching a few shows late at night before bed, we'll see how it goes! Will probably help when the reruns come on (we only have over-the-air tv so there's not a lot on anyway). I think once DS starts to understand more, he'll wonder why DH & I get to watch TV & he doesn't, so I'm aiming for only once he's asleep, if at all... otherwise I don't really see how he can remain TV free...

Co-sleeping is really wonderful when your child actually SLEEPS!! familybed1.gif
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We don't own a television but I watch four or five shows a week online so I get a fair amount of screen time. DS doesn't watch television on purpose but I don't freak out if we are at someone else's house and the tv is on. I would still classify his screen time as zero though. DP watches probably 2 hours of Internet video a week.
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DS is TV-free
I am TV-lite (maybe an hour a week, more when we're ona Jeopardy kick like now)
DH watches nightly after DS goes to bed.

I like to point out (whenever I mention TV-free) that I include all forms of TV/video/hulu/utube as TV. I don't just mean "broadcast TV".
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