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I thought it might be fun to post what we do when we're not watching is good because its raining here (last week we were outside all the time).

7:30 wakeup, eat breakfast, get dressed, some drawing
9:00 take dd1 to preschool
9:20 arrive with dd2 at playgroup (run by my community health centre, toys, other kids, and adult company!)
11:00 leave playgroup to pickup dd1 from preschool
11:30 home and having play at...making lunch! with food toys
12:30 lunch over, kids play with laundry while I put it away, then they ask to play dress-up, and I take out the dress-up box stored in my closet
2:00 put dd2 down for nap, take out fold-up tent for dd1

It seems dd1 has fallen asleep - I'm going to go wake her up and play in the tent.

Whenever dd2 wakes up we might take a walk to the library in the rain, or just stay in and dress-up dolls or play playdough

4:30 I'll start to make dinner
5:30 DH is home, we have dinner
6:30 DH plays with kids (maybe with dollhouse, maybe drawing)
7:00 Bathtime, stories, bedtime.

Anyone else?
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Sure, I'm game... today has been a calm, quiet day for me, which is a nice treat!

I don't know all the times, but DH left for the Y (for a workout and shower and then went directly to work) before I was awake. DD fed herself cereal, which we had prepared the night before along with her lunch and snack. I woke up late and didn't shower. (I did wash up quickly and get dressed decently and grabbed food/drink.)

7:25 am DD & I walked to her school and joined the Running Club, where we walked around the track twice with DD's previous K teacher.
7:45 am The bell rang as we were headed to her class line. She grabbed her backpack and we joined the end of the line.
7:50 am I had a brief meeting with DD's teacher and two other volunteers regarding Art Corps for the rest of the school year.
8:00 am I stopped in to chat with the Principal for a few minutes and then walked home.
At this point, I lost all track of time again. LOL I called a friend to discuss my chat with the Principal since we are working on a project together and that was the main gist of my chat. I did two loads of laundry (washed, dried, folded, put away). I ate a banana at some point. I closed all the windows and blinds in our "hot" rooms since we are expecting 90+ degree weather today. (We have no A/C and 90+ degrees is not normal!) I did a little research regarding our proposed summer vacation. I ate lunch (homemade pizza from last night). I have read online far longer than need be.

2:00 pm Walked to DD's school and we walked home together.
2:30 pm Drove to Y for DD's class and my workout.
3:30 pm Arrived home and DD did homework while I cut up fresh fruit and made us a smoothie for snack. I also went through her weekly folder from school. After cleaning up from the fruit-cutting and smoothie-making, I showered. DD read a book while I showered and joined me at the last minute to wash her feet (she wore sandals today). DH was home before I was ready and we headed out to dinner shortly thereafter.
7:15 pm Arrived home and DD got ready for bed and we snuggled for a bit. DH read her a story. Lights out at 8 pm.
9:00 pm I am just about done online. I plan to read next. I'm reading A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose by Eckhart Tolle and am about halfway through it.

Mondays are frequently my down-time days.

10:00 pm is when I start getting ready for bed (or thereabouts and I am not to the minute or all THAT consistent...LOL)

I plan to check my alarm tonight and wake up on time tomorrow!

"Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless." - Mother Teresa

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My day with 18 month old DS looks like this:

7:00 wake up and nurse/cuddle in bed for a little bit
7:30 say goodbye to daddy, make bed, tidy up a bit
8:00 eat breakfast
8:30 DS plays in bathroom while I shower, then we both get dressed
9:00 check email, then start laundry or any chores for the day, DS plays and follows me around
10:00 We either put on music and play in the living room, or now that it's nice we hang out in the backyard
11:30 DH comes home for lunch, we eat together
12:30 Nurse and DS takes a nap, I do things around the house or goof off online
2:00 DS wakes up, we have a snack
2:30 More playing outside, or take a trip to the library/park.. or get out art supplies... or he helps me bake some bread, or whatever!
4:00 Start tidying up the house & getting dinner ready
5:00 DH comes home, we eat dinner together
6:00 DH gives DS his bath, while I clean up from dinner or have "me" time (reading, etc.)
6:30 DH and DS read books together and try to unwind
7:00 Nurse DS and put him to sleep in our bed
The rest of the evening DH and I will either read next to each other on the couch, or work on something around the house, or just hang out & talk while we have a snack.
9:30 we join DS in bed and sleep soundly together as a family :heart

Amanda , mama to my two boys: N (10/06) and : A (7/09)
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Every day is so different, I don't even know what a 'typical' day would be like anymore.

Go Green I don't vax either, why mess with perfect?
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DH woke up first; DD second; and, again, me last. However, I did wake up on time today. DH & DD had breakfast together while I showered, which is typical on weekdays.

7:35 am DD & I walked to school (no Running Club) while DH cleaned up from breakfast and showered.

8:00 am I arrived home on foot and headed out in the car to yoga class. DH had not left for work yet.

[I don't recall eating breakfast, but I rarely skip breakfast. Perhaps after I came home and before heading to yoga?]

8:15 am I called DH to let him know the "check engine light" came on in the car I was driving. When I arrived at the Y, I checked the oil and under the hood and around the car for anything unusual. No weird noises or anything unusual.

8:45 - 10 am I enjoyed a fabulous yoga class.

10:30 - 11:30 am I worked on our family's weekly "finances".

11:30 am - 12:30 pm I did a load of laundry and fixed and ate lunch.

12:30 - 2 pm I called our regular mechanic to inquire about the engine light and discuss timing and ideas for fixing it. I also called a friend we were meeting later. And I researched some ideas on the engine light.

2 - 2:45 pm I walked to pick up DD and we walked home together and had a snack and packed up a few things for the rest of our day.

3 - 3:30 pm DD & I stopped by Auto Zone and figured out the engine light issue for free! Good lesson for DD since I had to use the device myself and had no prior experience with it. LOL A loose gas cap was the culprit despite SIX error codes originally! Now to figure out what caused the loose cap since the tank is 1/4 full and we fill up this car about once a month.

3:45 - 5:45 pm We enjoyed free Ben & Jerry's ice cream (free scoop day) and played with friends.

6 - 7 pm We ate dinner together as a family.

7 - 8 pm DD got ready for bed and we prepared her snack and lunch for tomorrow. She gave Daddy hugs and they snuggled a bit. I read her a story.

8 - 9:45 pm I've been reading/responding to email and two online boards I frequent. I also read my calendar items and tasks for tomorrow and discussed them with DH. We've been chatting during this time, also.

I plan to read some more in my book before heading to bed around 10:15 - 10:30 ish... I've read about 3/4ths of the book so far and am finding it rather fascinating! (A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle)

"Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless." - Mother Teresa

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Our days are all different, but I'll post yesterday.

6:45: wake-up; pre-breakfast snack for dd; showers; dressing; breakfast; dd finds old beaded necklace of mine--claims it for her own
8:45: weed garden with dd
9:15: quick walk to drug store
9:30-10:45: play/tidying up around house: read books, look at photo albums, put stickers in sticker books, push baby dolls around in toy stroller, sweep living room and clean up breakfast dishes, etc.
11-11:45: toddler class at local play space
12-12:20: lunch
12:30-1: clean up, wind down, read books
1-3: NAP (while Mama did schoolwork and did a couple loads of laundry)
3-6: dd with sitter, while Mama worked--approx. 2 hours at park, then playing in playroom with toy kitchen, blocks, etc.
6-6:45 pm: make dinner w/ dd, eat
6:45-7: puzzles in living room
7-8: bath, PJs, more books, put necklace to "bed" (the only way I could get her to relinquish it), cuddles, rock to sleep
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I am enjoying reading about everyone's days!

Ours vary each day too, to some degree. Today was pretty typical though and it's 10:30pm here so I'll post that.

7:45-Woke up LATE!!
Got up and made breakfast for DD; porridge, yogurt drink and apple.

8:20-Supposed to be leaving for school but we are so late that I just went with it and took my time getting ready. So, I took a shower while my daughter drew. This is what she drew while I was showering, she's 4.

9:15 head out to school -late late and late!! We usually aren't late.

9:30-10:00-stand around chatting with people at school about starting up the school craft group again.

10:30 home-do some baking. I have a baking business and work from home.

12:00-Head back to school, I walk there and it takes about 30 minutes.
I stopped on the way to get a few things- wellies, curling iron and a baking pan.

1:00-Pick up time at school, head home.
1:30-my daughter has borrowed a scooter from a friend and is desperate to ride it even though it's raining. So we negotiate that even though it's lunch time and we scoot around the block.

2:00-My daughter's best friend comes over and they both have lunch.
They play together-fairies, taking turns on the scooter, drawing, "reading" to each other, bouncing on the bed (grrrrr!), ballerinas, picnic and then more drawing.
Also another school friend drops by with his mother and sister and they visit for 30 minutes.
Then auntie drops by for 10 minutes to visit.

5:15-Friend is picked up and we have a little rest on the sofa. Well, I try to rest while she draws more, pokes me and asks loads of questions.

6:15-Daddy gets home and unusually we need to go out for some errands and we have dinner out.

8:00-Home, ready for bed, story, cuddles and off to sleep.

8:45 until now-Baking! I'll be done in around an hour of I can get off the computer.
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That drawing is great!

Brianna, mom to my always naked and singing Faye (9/07) and my chubby baby Bronwen (10/10).
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Hannahsmummy, my DD would flip for that kitty drawing. She's drawing the exact same "theme" though not quite as skillfully.

Let's see--today was kind of slow, but we did a ton of art, watered the garden, played Frisbee, swung on the swings, read books, and played with our imaginary pets. And the baby. He's getting to be a good toy.

Yesterday we made homemade pretzels--fun! And very easy with the breadmaker.

grateful mother to DD, 1/04, and DS, 2/08

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Originally Posted by Narn View Post
That drawing is great!

Originally Posted by loraxc View Post
Hannahsmummy, my DD would flip for that kitty drawing. She's drawing the exact same "theme" though not quite as skillfully.
LOL! Yeah, I don't know what's up with little girls and cats.
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We were all up and ready and on our respective ways on time this morning.

7:25 am DD & I walked to school and had time for two walk/jog laps around the track in Running Club. I walked with her to class and then headed to the PTA room. I then walked to every classroom in the school collecting surveys for a project, after officially signing in and grabbing a badge from the office. A group of us volunteers input the data from the surveys and prepared a report for tonight's big community meeting.

11:00 am I finally am done at school and walk home. Once home, I do a load of laundry, eat a snack, figure out what's for dinner, decide what I'll wear to the meeting, straighten up the house a bit, answer some phone calls, respond to some emails, read some articles online, and read and respond to topics on two boards I frequent. Oh, I eat lunch in there somewhere, too.

2:00 pm I walk to get DD from school and we walk home together talking about her day and our plan for the rest of the day. (She prefers knowing things in advance and behaves MUCH better when I am able to communicate this type of information for her ahead of time.) We walked in the door and she grabbed a snack and changed her shoes and washed her hands while I filled water bottles and got us back out the door in five minutes.

2:30 -3:30 pm We drove to the YMCA for her Kids Fitness class and I practiced yoga solo in a separate room, then we drove home. We played "don't step on the cracks" throughout our walking time.

3:30 - 6:15 pm We got the mail and promptly recycled most of it before entering our house. She put away her clean clothes while I flipped through a catalog. We both read for about an hour before she took a shower and I fixed dinner. We ate dinner together and cleaned up, then I changed clothes and got ready for the meeting. She gathered a book, water, and coat for herself and we drove to school, which is so weird to both of us! LOL We always walk. However, I knew it would be dark and chilly when we were done and DH was at a meeting of his own. If DH got home and didn't see the car, then he would come get DD from school and I'd stay until the meeting was over. If we had walked, DD would have had a ride home and I could have gotten a ride home from any number of people. However, we didn't know who would be done first and I knew it would be a late night for DD, so I opted to make sure she had a quick ride home. It was weird to drive!!!

6:20 - 8:20 pm We arrived at school and I got DD settled in the library after showing her where I would be in the adjacent auditorium. We both knew the adult in charge, too, which was nice. The meeting was... emotional. First word that popped into my head and it is accurate. Big changes and few answers, but we (community) felt heard and respected, although there were some tough issues and heartfelt responses. After the meeting was over, I went to get my DD and discovered one of her best friends had arrived at some point and they were having a blast. I spoke to some key people and we made our way home.

8:30 - 9:00 pm DD got ready for bed and we snuggled a bit. No story tonight, though. Daddy wasn't home, yet. DD was quite wild and difficult to calm down.

9:00 - 9:30 pm I spoke with a friend regarding the meeting, as she had requested. DH came home during the conversation and gave DD hugs and kisses and she was still wound up and hyper.

9:30 - 11:30 pm DH & I talked to each other about all sorts of interesting topics and the conversation was rather enlightening in some ways.

11:30 - 12:30 am I checked my calendar (computer) for tomorrow's activities and got sucked into email and online boards... LOL

I'm headed to bed in a few minutes.

"Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless." - Mother Teresa

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