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chinaKat's Avatar chinaKat 01:50 PM 06-15-2008
I'm new to this forum... just wanted to pipe in and say that we unplugged the TV on "turn your television off week" back in April and haven't had it back on since. DD has watched TV twice at other people's houses (which was fine with me) and we did a DVD twice on the computer, but other than that it's been cold turkey.

I am LOVING it!!!! I thought I wouldn't get any breaks or have any distractions for DD when I needed to get something done, but she's just started reading a TON more, so I worried for nothing. She's only 3 but she is reading really fluently (I'd guess 2nd-3rd grade level), especially since we stopped the TV. Whoo hoo!

homefrontgirl's Avatar homefrontgirl 06:26 PM 06-15-2008

boatbaby's Avatar boatbaby 06:49 PM 06-15-2008
Whooo-hooo! Congratulations and good for you!
Arwyn's Avatar Arwyn 07:05 PM 06-15-2008

TV Turn Off Week really works. I need to find out who started it and go thank them!
cece's Avatar cece 08:24 PM 06-15-2008