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CaraboosMama's Avatar CaraboosMama 11:21 AM 07-17-2008
So...we were tv-free/very limited for quite awhile. Then when my husband's job changed (12 hour shifts) I started letting the kids (2 and 4) watch a 1/2 hour of PBS kids so I could get showered on my own. Now - we have started phasing that out because their behavior after tv was awful:

In the fall, I will be teaching part time and will need to get ready for work while I am at home by myself with the kids. I have tried getting up before they do - but we cosleep so that doesn't always work.

Anyone have good suggestions about ways to occupy the kids while I am showering? I have set them up with coloring stuff, playdough, etc. but often when I am not available it turns into a big fight!

I'd love any tried & true suggestions!

boatbaby's Avatar boatbaby 11:52 AM 07-17-2008
What time does your husband get home from work? My situation is not the same as yours, but I usually shower either the moment DH gets home (and he gets to prep or finish prepping dinner with DS) or just after dinner or just after DS does to sleep. I have only tried showering with DS home alone with me a handful of times. And frankly being older and being an only he does fine. But I prefer to have my shower when he is asleep and/ or DH is home so the pressure is off and I can actually (gasp) enjoy my shower

Sometimes I just do the equivalent of a sponge bath from the sink too
wendyland's Avatar wendyland 02:58 PM 07-17-2008
We have a couple books that you can paint with water on. I think one is a backyardigans book. When you get them wet, the colors show up. It's clean and the little ones like doing the painting.
JayGee's Avatar JayGee 06:35 PM 07-17-2008
My kids are 2, 4, and 6 so pretty much the same age range, plus one more . I honestly don't really "set them up" with anything while I shower and dress. Occasionally, one of them will join me, but usually they just play in my bedroom, or do their own thing. I do try and make it speedy, but they do fine for 10 or 15 minutes.
SantaMonica's Avatar SantaMonica 01:53 AM 07-18-2008
I'm a single mom to a two-year old and if he's awake when I shower then I just make it a short one and let him play with his toys. He'll run into the bathroom every few minutes to tell me something or to ask me if I'm done yet, lol, but he just amuses hinself. I place is small and pretty child safe and he's pretty good about "keeping his body safe while mommy showers". I've never had a problem
guestmama9920's Avatar guestmama9920 06:26 AM 07-18-2008
can they jump in the shower too? Mine loves showers
CaraboosMama's Avatar CaraboosMama 10:10 AM 07-18-2008
Thanks for all the suggestions!

I really need to shower before wakes me up as well as helping make me presentable

My dd likes to hop in sometimes, ds doesn't - the shower freaks him out a bit.

I like the watercolor book idea I don't even mind them making a mess - it's trying to referree a fight from inside the shower that's tough. It says a lot about how hypnotic & crappy that tv is that they don't fight if they are watching - they are just zombified:

I think changing the routine may be tough at first because they were used to watching tv while I shower - but once they get used to it, it will be fine. Thanks ladies
Mama Poot's Avatar Mama Poot 11:28 PM 07-25-2008
Not TV free but I'll sometimes put my boys in their room with a safety gate up to keep them there (we have stairs, don't want an accident while I'm washing my hair, kwim?) they have toys and blocks and each other and usually do just fine while I shower.
avivaelona's Avatar avivaelona 09:20 PM 07-26-2008
If they fight what about having the younger one do something in the bathroom while you shower and the older do something outside the bathroom? (even the same thing but with some seperation).
_betsy_'s Avatar _betsy_ 09:23 PM 07-26-2008
Do you have a tub or a shower stall?

DD doesn't really love the shower all the time, but if I'm in the tub with her and she can stay out of the spray and play, she's happy. Maybe some new tub toys?