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Ryatt's Avatar Ryatt 06:49 PM 12-02-2008
DS has had a diaper rash for the last two weeks that will not go away, and just as I was starting to think it may be a yeast infection, our doc said the same thing when I emailed him. He suggested lotromin, but i'd rather find a natural remedy if possible. Does anyone have a suggestion?

Oh yeah, I should point out that he normally wears CDs, but I have putting on seventh generation sposies over the past week in hopes that it would keep him a bit more dry, and prevent it from getting worse. Don't know if that makes a difference or not.

sprouthead's Avatar sprouthead 07:29 PM 12-02-2008
I've heard that vinegar washes can help, as well as gentian violet.. You may want to look at his diet though.. dS was getting chronic yeast rashes (I treated them with clotrimazole and cortaid..) and now I've started giving him kefir and pickes every day and the rashes haven't returned.. !!!
LittleBlessings's Avatar LittleBlessings 07:37 PM 12-02-2008
We used a prescription for our child when she had a yeast infection and it cleared up fast. I do know of a mother that did use vinegar washes and it look along time for it to clear up and the child has scaring now.