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Amila's Avatar Amila 12:22 AM 12-12-2008
Newly potty trained DD (2.5) had a UTI at the end of Oct. Bad smelling pee, fever, positive culture, blood in urine. Never complained of pain. Gave her abx. because I knew she had already had the infection for over a week.

A month later she randomly got a fever, and I thought it was the start of another one. Fever went away, no other symptoms.

Yesterday she got another fever. Otherwise acting fine. Today she only went pee 2x. But she has never complained of pain or anything. DH thought he smelled funny pee, but the last time I smelled it it was ok. Fever went away.

SO, can the fever properly fight off the UTI? Should I not bother with worrying and calling the Dr.? I do not want to have to keep putting her on abx., but I know UTIs can have serious consequences if left untreated. PLUS she is a NIGHTMARE to give meds to. I have been letting her srink some natural non-diluted cranberry juice.


AwakenedMama's Avatar AwakenedMama 12:36 AM 12-12-2008
Sometimes UTIs in young girls are associated with kidney problems (like vesicoureteral reflux). I would suggest talking to a doctor about checking at least an ultrasound of the kidneys.

For prevention, usually higher doses of cranberry are needed - maybe she would take the cranberry tablets that are chewable? If my daughter was having fevers, though, I would go with a culture and antibiotics.