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brookely ash's Avatar brookely ash 03:26 PM 12-05-2003
My 5 yo DS has the worst chapped lips. All around his mouth its terribly chapped. It doesn't help that he keeps picking at it, but I don't really blame him. I would probably pick at it also. I try to use simple reminders that it will only get worse if he picks, and that stops the picking for the moment.

I have used calendula oil, vitamin e oil, vaseline (YUCK : ) blistex and chapstick but nothing seems to get ahead of the problem. We are pretty broke right now and I can't really just try different products not knowing if they will help. Does anyone know a product that would definitely help? I have heard that Burt's Beeswax is great, and I used to use it myself, but I just don't know. Help us please!

Mona's Avatar Mona 03:36 PM 12-05-2003
I like burt's bees.
I also have used lanolin. especially when i have a cold, i plaster it all over my nose area. :LOL
seriously, it works. it is a bit sticky at first, but liquifies as it warms.
Dragonfly's Avatar Dragonfly 04:43 PM 12-05-2003
I'm having the same problem right now. I feel for your son - it's horrible!

The regular Burt's Beeswax did absolutely nothing for it - it seemed to actually make it a little worse even after the initial few minutes of relief. What's working fairly well, though, is the Burt's Beeswax Lifeguard's Choice (comes in a tube). It turn your lips white which looks a bit strange - but who the heck cares? At least they aren't cracked and chapped and bleeding! I'm having to apply it quite often.

I'm also using Jason's EFA lotion. This is the BEST, but not as practical to carry around as the Burt's. It also tastes a little funny. But again - who the heck cares?!

Hope he feels better. Oh - LOTS of water, of course!
Shenjall's Avatar Shenjall 05:03 PM 12-05-2003
I've used lansinoh and had good results.
But definitly increase his water intake. Hydration is good!
Feel better soon little guy!
Clarity's Avatar Clarity 08:19 PM 12-05-2003
I like carmex, a LOT. The other things are great when it's just getting started, but if it's bad, that's what usually fixes me up.
JaneS's Avatar JaneS 11:45 PM 12-05-2003
I may have heard that this is an indication of a citrus allergy?
brookely ash's Avatar brookely ash 12:22 PM 12-06-2003
Thanks everybody for your replies. Its not much better today. I have upped his water intake quite a bit, and I am just continuing with the vitamin e oil that I have. This afternoon, when I get off of work I am going to go look for some lanolin. Where would I find it? It seems like I have seen it in stores next to nursing supplies?? I may also get some Carmex, just to try it. It was bleeding all afternoon yesterday. Luckily my 2 yo DS doesn't have this problem, but they both suffer from pretty dry skin all the time and the dry air from our heater and some very windy weather makes it worse and they are both dealing with dry spots.
JaneS - I have never heard that it may be caused by citrus, however, it makes sense considering that when he was in diapers, any time he consumed citrus, including tomatoes, he would get a rash around his diaper area. I always thought it was because the contents of the diaper were just really acidic, but maybe it is an allergy. We got one of those big boxes of Satsuma tangerines and he has been eating those lately (they are sooo yummy). I am going to stop giving them to him and see if it clears up faster.

Thanks again everyone, any tips on Lanolin would also be greatly appreciated.

-brookely ash
mamaroni's Avatar mamaroni 12:47 PM 12-06-2003
I also battle really bad chapped lips from time to time. Burt's Bee's makes it worse for me. Regular chapstick is OK, but it just doesn't last (like for overnight). I never thought of using lanolin (you should be able to find Lasinoh and/or Purelan at your local grocery store or drug store near the baby supplies) but I'm sure it would be great. I have always used lanolin for diaper rash.

Back to the lips. . .this probably won't be very popular here, but it works! My dermatologist has recommended using an OTC 1% hydrocortisone cream. I buy a small tube of the store brand, and it works great. It stays on all night. . . I usually only use it at night, unless it's really bad. Don't get the lotion, though--what I use is more of a gel type cream.

Good luck!
applejuice's Avatar applejuice 02:21 PM 12-06-2003
For my cracked, chapped lips and cuticles I always break a vitamin E capsule and squeeze the oil on the afflicted area before bed.

In the morning, there is always a noticeable improvement.
*Tricia*'s Avatar *Tricia* 09:23 AM 12-07-2003
My DD had a bad case, all over her lips and onto her chin.

We used Aquaphor ointment (available at any drug store) during the day and really slathered it on thick at night. After 2 vigilant days of applying it, she was cured!

Panserbjorne's Avatar Panserbjorne 12:30 AM 12-08-2003
I have a really tough time with this myself. Chapstick in any form really has never helped. I second the vitamin E thing, but also I increase my oils internally. If I get chapped lips (or dry skin) I take three tablespoons a day of Udo's Perfect Oils-avcailable at any health food store. It is a blend of nutritional oils:evening primrose, flax, safflower etc. It clears EVERYTHING up. For my son I put it on hot cereal or just mix it into his food. It always works.
momto l&a's Avatar momto l&a 12:38 AM 12-08-2003
For myself I have found chapped lips and dry hands a sign I havent been taking my flax seed oil.
Gale Force's Avatar Gale Force 12:46 PM 12-08-2003
I read somewhere recently that chapped lips or chapped corners of the mouth are the result of a B vitamin deficiency. It got my attention since I've had chapped lips and I have a B vitamin deficiency.
Clarity's Avatar Clarity 07:04 PM 12-08-2003
did stopping the citrus help? I do agree that could be a cause...but use stuff to help speed the healing.
Clarity's Avatar Clarity 07:10 PM 12-08-2003
did stopping the citrus help? I do agree that could be a cause...but use stuff to help speed the healing.
brookely ash's Avatar brookely ash 07:49 PM 12-08-2003
Thanks so much everyone for all of your helpful replies. It has gotten better, although it is not 100% yet. I did stop the citrus, which helped a lot, but I plan on doing some more things internally to try and keep it away for good. My goals are to add flaxseed to his diet (and add it to everyone else in our families diet as well), more b vitamin foods, and a really nice Mama has offered to send me some of her home made lip balm which has lanolin in it. If it continues for much longer though, I may take him to an naturopath to see if there is something else going on. We have been fairly stressed out at home lately, so maybe it is a result of that.
Thanks again

-brookely ash
brookely ash's Avatar brookely ash 03:48 PM 12-18-2003
I thought I would revive this thread to let anyone who may be dealing with this know what has worked for us. I have not yet added flax to our diets, many reasons for that but that is a different thread :, however I received some Lanonlin butter that a mama sent me and that has helped tremendously. There was one spot below his lip that kept bleeding and scabbing over and then he would pick at it and it just got bigger and bigger, but, after three days of putting this home made lanolin butter on it , its almost gone!

So a big THANKS!!!! to the mama in Indiana who sent me her wonderful products.

Happy Holidays

-brookely ash
dot2dot's Avatar dot2dot 04:27 PM 12-18-2003
One more remedy for chapped lips... in my family (Grandpa, Mom...) Mentholatum is what to reach for. I put it on at night before bed and by morning, most of the time, my chapped lips are gone. My Grandpa uses it for everything (think Windex from My Big Fat Greek Wedding) but that is another topic!