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I'm getting really, really, tired of always being fatigued, icky feeling, and just generally blah. Can you guys perhaps point me in some direction? I don't have the financial situation for tons of testing, but I really need to get this figured out. Our family is suffering because I'm never feeling good.

So here are my symptoms:

*general fatigue that never goes away (my biggest complaint)
*serious acne (killing my self esteem - I've never had cystic acne before!)
*Blood sugar roller coaster that improves with the elimination of high-glycemic foods, but then I'm always hungry and I become food obsessed...
*Weight gain for what seems to be no real reason - I've been doing functional/pre-crossfit training for 7 months now, and not lost a single pound... I just did a 5 day liquids/vitamins internal cleanse and I didn't lose a single pound (that wasn't my intent - it was to expell toxins, but the fact that I didn't loose any weight shows that something is majorly up with my body - I didn't even have much fruit juice, so my blood sugar was pretty even)
*Zero energy, even when I'm not terribly tired
*Serious brain fog - horrible. To the point where I'm doing something or talking about something and mid-movement/speech I'll entirely forget what I'm doing and spent the next 10 min. trying to remember. It's causing me to be a shut-in, because social situations are painful when you're having a hard time keeping up with the conversation/saying something remotely worth saying
*Migraines every few months
*sinus infections every month or two
*inability to go to sleep before 11 or 12, no matter how I try - tired all day, wide awake in the evening
* inability to concentrate, at all really
* heart palpitations, especially accompanied by hypoglycemia attacks, which then lead to panic attacks, every couple days
*no ability to recall things - horrible memory. It will take me 10-15 min. to remember our activities from the previous day.
*joints ache often, and recovery from minor joint injuries is FOREVER (mildly sprained my ankle about 4 months ago, and it still whines if I land on my foot slightly funny)
*OUCHY pinched nerves in both arms that lead to tingly neck and hands
*lymph nodes swell up every so often
*get nauseated every time I try to eat healthy for an extended period of time
*indigestion, intolerance to carbs, IBS symptoms if I deviate from eating a pure diet
*chest pain (can't figure out where it originates from - my lung perhaps? Not sure), sharp, but not terribly painful. Just there.
*constipation (but not as bad as SAD eaters - I'm regular, it's just not healthy, iykwim)
* cold hands and feet
*prone to irritability, MAJORLY. If my kids are sitting on me, I'll suddenly panic and need them off me NOW. Or I'll panic in a very stressful situation in which I need them to be quiet or still NOW.
* generally achey body
* weak - going for a run often feels like trying to run through mud, and will wipe me out for the rest of the day, the only exercise that is okay is weight/functional (anaerobic) exercise, which I do 2-3 times weekly (and helps me feel better, considerably)
*VERY sensitive to ANY chemicals - they cause my symptoms to flare up and wipe me out
*excessive sweating

Okay, and get this I'm TWENTY-FIVE. What is going on? I felt this way before I had children, but, of course, it's seriously compounded since, and in the last year has become really, really bad. I just want to feel light, energetic, happy, free, self confident, and so ready to just be with my children enjoying life. I don't want to waste life being sick and whiney.

Anyone recognize anything in there? I'm currently looking at Gilbert's Syndrome, although the only symptom I don't match up with is losing weight - I'm gaining, in fact I now weigh 10 lbs. more than I did at the end of my pregnancy with my last baby. I'm not obsessive about weight too much, but I'm not comfortable at this weight, and it's not appropriate for my body - I'm noticing it when I get up off the floor, etc. Not good, IMHO.

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well, i can only refer to what i'm familiar with which is candida.

several of your symptoms seem connected to yeast/fungal overgrowth inside your body. depending on what type of cleanse you did, it may not have any effect. there are many "sellers" out there that do nothing.

i had been on antibiotics every year of my life, birth control pills and consumed a good amount of sugar and starch foods. i found myself very sensitive to everything. my aunt works for an herbalist who i took a visit to, told me to do a yeast cleanse, and i've been great ever since.

this is not something you can go to the store and buy yourself and complete. there are many factors involved in a successful cleanse. i would personally find a good homeopath or naturopath that is very familiar with candida and go see them.

i know of a great one in southwest suburbs of chicago if you're in the area. good luck! but know that it can be reversed and you can feel better!

in the meantime, cut out all sugar, refined foods, fruit, juice, yeast, bread etc. eat protein, dairy(no sugar), lots of vegetables.

google yeast foods and such

once you have everything under control you can gradually add some of this food back in

-garlic is great for creating an unfriendly environment for yeast
-probiotics will help your GI tremendously as you fight this off, (i use natures sunshine bifidophodus probiotic. you should take 10 a day for a month or two and then gradually lower it
-lots of water
-pau d'arco tea from whole foods
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Could also have some thyroid going on, but definitely adrenals. There's a good saliva test for adrenals . The test for adrenal function is very good, the thyroid and hormone are less reliable as a saliva test and better with blood test.

Anyway, knowing the result won't help you figure out how to treat yourself without going to the doctor, preferably a naturopath, but if you can spare the money you will at least know what is going on.

In the meantime, cut out all caffeine. Eat licorice (the real stuff). Get tons of sleep, as much as you can. Do a total elimination diet to get rid of the stuff that you are reacting to which are further stressing your adrenals - and causing the heart palpitations. Hypoglycemia is very characteristic of adrenal fatigue. You almost certainly have allergies whether you are aware of them or not. Your face is most likely breaking out simply due to your adrenals and immune system being so stressed out your skin can't keep up with the normal bacteria on your face.
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Definitely get your thyroid checked.
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I can check off most your list (right down to the pinched nerves). I turned out to have a co-q-10 deficiency. Have your co-q-10 levels checked.
I'd also suggest checking b12, calcium (too look for something called parathyroid disorder which can wreck havoc), iron, vitamin D, folate, and thyroid. Check something called carnitine and acyl-carnitine as well. Do an acyl-carnitine profile.

A lot of what you wrote (all?) over-laps with a couple of metabolic conditions. Both in adults are often confused with fibromyalgia, adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue, and many other things. This is the link I made for kiddos. The disorders are mitochondrial and CPT II. The co-q-10 and carnitine and acyl-carnitine profiles are to try to look for deficiencies that might be caused by either of those things. They don't diagnose those things. But if you're deficient in either that could be responsible for your symptoms.

I think there is a very good chance you have a metabolic condition.

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my first reaction would be thyroid issues. not a hard test to go through and can be done at your family physician's office. I am not a doctor but one symptom leads to another and so on and so on and after a while it just compounds itself. MS is another thing to look at. All of those muscle related pains and the weakness and the fatigue...I have several family members that go through that because they have MS.

Then of course there is the topic of allergies. Being allergic to something like wheats or glutens or corn products is incredible. It can wreck havoc on your body quickly. My mother developed an allergy to ALL corn products in her 50's and nearly died from it not knowing what the heck it was. Her life turned around rather quickly once diagnosed. It's a hard journey to get the answers but you should start looking now. Don't wait until you simply cannot move. Peace of mind is fantastic too.

I do hope you start getting some relief.
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Thank you so much everyone!!! I'll be looking into everything that was suggested and getting tests done to determine exactly what is going on. Hoping it's minor and easy to fix.

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