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hippiemom's Avatar hippiemom 04:29 PM 04-14-2002
hi all,
i am interested in hearing about experiences with wheezy chest colds. my son is 16 months, my 3rd child, and the only wheezer in the family, so this is new territiory for me! a practitoner was sort of quick to call it asthma, not sure if it really is. he has had 3 chest colds this winter with wheezing, but usually is fine. any info is appreciatied, esp good book titles! thank you,

Inwe Surion's Avatar Inwe Surion 08:34 PM 04-14-2002
Wheezing can be a sign of food allergy.
rsps's Avatar rsps 08:43 PM 04-14-2002
My son (17 months) is in the same boat -- thought the doctors haven't called it asthma.

I read in a mag. that if they have 3 wheezy episodes before age 3 it's probably asthma.

I don't have any book recomndations. But we'be been trying osteopathy with good results.
pottermamma's Avatar pottermamma 05:05 PM 04-18-2002
My son had RSV at 5 months and after that had a cold or two that settled in his ches t and made him wheezy. EVERYONE said oh he has asthma (and his dad did, but was a runner and "ran out" of his asthma). Ds has not had a cold this year at all (YEAHHH) but when he was wheezy I gave him pulsitilla 30x and it took it right away. Maybe he is just prone to having colds settle in his chest? A lot of folks jumped to the asthma diagnosis with DS but a good friend of the family who is a PA said that it is way too early to even go there. Best of luck and hope your little guy gets rid of the wheezing.
Chiromom's Avatar Chiromom 05:26 PM 04-18-2002
Try looking into more info on the links between asthma and dairy, and asthma and antibiotics. It's pretty compelling information and can give you some ideas about what to keep him away from. Good luck!