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Fibrocystic breasts...what do they feel like?

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In October I found a lump in my left breast near the armpit. I'd been having a LOT of breast pain and my HCP did a breast exam and said it was just fibrocystic breasts. He said they both felt pretty lumpy and gravelly to him, although they've always felt however they feel, so they didn't seem lumpy to me, othr than that one lump, if that makes sense. It's a little bigger than a marble and it's always in the same place. It sort of flips, like a knot in a muscle would, but it's nothing like what I read about with fibrocystic breasts. It doesn't move around all over the breast. I can sort of grab it between my fingers and shift it, but that's it. The lump itself is hard and lumpy - not smooth at all. The pain has definitely improved since I cut out caffeine and started EPO and vitamin e, but that lump.... It feels very much like a knot in a muscle and I've even wondered if it might be that or a lymph node, although it's really too large to be a lymph node, I think.

What do your fibrocystic lumps feel like? Are anyone else's hard and rough and always in the same spot? And does anyone else only have one lump they can feel? I keep reading this should be bilateral, but other than the HCP telling me they're both lumpy, they feel normal to me.

I'm going to see another HCP, just to set my mind at ease, but I'd like to hear if anyone else's fibrocystic breasts feel like mine.
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Mine just feel kind of generally lumpy. But of course like you said, they feel normal to me because I've never felt non-lumpy breasts. I personally have never felt a specific lump that got me concerned. My mom has though and had it biopsied and it was a fibrocyst (if that is the right word for it?) It was benign and nothing to worry about.

Do you drink much caffeine? Cutting out caffeine has made mine so much better. Now they only hurt maybe a couple days before my period.
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