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peatree's Avatar peatree 06:39 PM 04-14-2002
My doctor seems to think this might work for me but I'm breastfeeding so it's not an option. But I am curious if any of you mama's have tried it and if it worked for you. If I'm still 70lbs over weight after I'm finished BFing I might consider it. What sort of side effects did you have? How long did you have to take it and was the weight loss significant?

luvmytwo's Avatar luvmytwo 03:55 AM 04-15-2002

Read this article first. I wouldn't recommend it.

mommapepper's Avatar mommapepper 05:21 AM 04-15-2002
I just heard a commercial from a lawfirm asking if anyone had suffered strokes/ heart attacks or death of a loved one due to this medication to seek their counsel. I don't think it's worth it.