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That's so interesting!


Have you and your daughter been in a car accident or explosions of any kind? My friend went through a windshield of a car once and the doctors said instead of hunt for everything that's in her body, they'll just let them naturally expel.  2 or 3 years later, the stuff finally started coming out.


My other wild guess would be feathers from a feather duvet? They might be jabbing you guys in your sleep without you realizing it, then they are eventually expelled the same way?


Either way, I'd love to see pics too! 

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Do you handle any ropes of that color, made from plastic fibers?  I've gotten splinters from ropes . . . . more when I was a kid and people used this type of rope for swings.  Back of arm, under elbow was a common place for these splinters.  Really irritating.  Now I know to avoid old splintery plastic rope.


The only other thing that I know of that fits this description is (as others have said) Morgellons.  Which is not an imaginary syndrome.


May this mystery decide not to visit you again!

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I wondered if you had feather pillows. 

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I dont know if You found what it was but I have the same thing I think under my big toe...definitely not hair people....I've seen it on the Dr. Tv show once..and if you want to get rid of you have to get it removed...but I just always take it out myself..and it comes back...It is annoying doe...
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I pulled something out of my chin today, similar to what you're describing, I'm an adult male. I shaved my face after about 2 weeks of facial hair and noticed a rather large boil. I didn't pick at it for a night and a day and it got bigger and I could see something there.

It looked more like bone than a hair as you described. I got it out, it had been festering and It's still a pretty gnarly boil. Mine was peculiar in shape-it had two small nubs on the base that looked like mineralized hair follicles. They were both meeting at a flat opaque translucent that appeared to be fibrous?

I take calcium chewables maybe twice a week for heartburn though I don't know if it's related. So strange.

I went back to google and found a paper about the mineralization of hair follicles. I don't really care to read the whole thing though I'm sure this could be related.

"The mineralization of hair follicle tissue" Dr. E. I. F. Pearce, A. C. Smillie

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So I had this same exact thing happen to me!!!! I pulled it out and it came back again in the same exact spot!!!!!! Please let me know what u find out
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Originally Posted by amcal View Post
So, several weeks ago, I had an itchy spot on my arm. When I went to scratch it, it felt like there was something sticking out of the skin - it felt hard, almost like a sliver of glass or a splinter. So, I got some tweezers and I pulled out what looked to be a small fish bone - it was that sort of white/opaque color and very thin just like a fish bone.<br><br>
Didn't think much about it but, then it happened again a few weeks later - same arm, same place. Pulled it out and didn't think anything about it.<br><br>
Well, my DD had a spot on her leg that looked like a bug bite. I rubbed over it and I felt the same sharp feeling like something was sticking out. I tried to get it out with tweezers but, she freaked out so I left it alone for a few days.<br><br>
After a few days it seemed like it was getting worse - sort of starting to look like a pimple so, I applied some ora-gel to numb the area and I pulled it out. It was the exact same thing - a fish bone looking thing except her's had a ball on the end (maybe from where it was festering?)<br><br>
It feels exactly like it would feel if you were running your finger over a piece of fish to feel for bones - you know how when you run your finger over it, it's sharp and sticking out slightly. This is exactly what it feels like.<br><br>
So, what the heck? Has anyone heard of anything like this?
Hi, I experience similar. First public post. I'd like to make a posting spot where blogs/forums/information can all be posted in one area. It's been a difficult ride to find other who are experiencing similar symptoms and struggles. Does this site allow external links? If not, is there a site that you know exists where people can join together?
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I completely spelled my username wrong. Maybe it is appropriate as truly no one knows what a "Egnima" is. Oh well.

I have been to countless doctors. Believe this has been going on for 15+ years, but in the last 2 years became horrible. White plug rice like things in skin, many other symptoms. History of staph infections yet never a drug user. Many medications, no lasting help. Researched online and tried many things that others say have helped - some did to some extent, but not curing. Over 50 blood tests, only thing abnormal was low c3 and c4 - immune related.

Have been seeing Chinese Medicine Doc in addition to many traditional doctors. Chinese medicine doc gave me PiBao cream. 3 days, and it is working better than anything I have ever come across. I have tried so many things - prescription and products suggested by others. I just wanted to share as another possible solution. Aliexpress sells it to us for 5$ with free shipping. Calls it "Grass edge strength PiBao god thatched cottage to prevent skin diseases" - yellow and red tube. Best of luck.
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My only thinking is to save it, show it to your daughters GP.
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