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Susana's Avatar Susana 03:36 PM 04-15-2002
Of all things to happen to me...on Saturday I was making my daughter's bed (her job, but well, ya know how it goes)...it's a loft bed which means I climb a ladder to get in and out. Well, on my way down the top step on the ladder breaks and I fall and manage to cut my leg on the part right above the ankle bone with a nail. It isn't pretty and it bled like the dickens. I have cleaned it with peroxide and antibacterial soap, covered it with Neosporin and all that. The cut itself is looking all right, but my God! The area around the cut is so tender! OWWW I don't want to run to the doc everytime something like this happens. What do you all do for cuts and boo boos such as these? I had a tetanus shot only 16 months ago so I am set there.
Any suggestions anyone?? I feel like such a baby, but man, this cut is GROSS!!

Hera's Avatar Hera 06:07 PM 04-15-2002
Well, if it bled, don't worry about tetanus. If you have any fever, or see red streaks, go to the doctor immediately. Is there pus?

Give it a few more days, go easy on your ankle, don't move it too much. If you think the overall trend is for the worst, then see a doctor. Otherwise, I wouldn't worry about it.
However, if it seems very deep, you might want stitches......

Actually, if it happened 2 days ago it's too late for stitches, I think.
saige's Avatar saige 06:42 PM 04-15-2002
I would put some arnica cream on it,it works so fast to heal cuts.Hope you feel better soon!
gilnikche's Avatar gilnikche 12:19 AM 04-16-2002
Raw honey is amazing stuff. Apply it to the wound and completely cover with a bandage. It will keep the area moist & will prevent/ or get rid of infection. I know this seems weird, but it truly works! I used it on a very nasty wound on my daughter's foot. The infection subsided & the wound healed beautifully.
Susana's Avatar Susana 09:06 AM 04-16-2002
Thank you all for the great suggestions-I am going to give them all a try! This cut doesn't stand a chance, does it?
It is the weirdest injury I have ever had-the cut looks like it is starting to heal, but the area all around it is so sensitive. I really whacked it, I guess!
Good news is, daughter and son are now making their beds so that I don't get hurt doing housework!

Thanks again for the suggestions!!
Evening Star's Avatar Evening Star 11:15 AM 04-16-2002
I just want to second the raw honey. It's sticky but so effective, it's really miraculous, I put it on my Dh's incision after he had surgery, he healed so quickly it freaked the Dr. out. At his first check back the Dr. kept insisting that the date of surgery was a full week further back than it had been. He could not wrap his head around it. He kept saying the charts were "wrong".
aquarius's Avatar aquarius 04:13 PM 04-16-2002
The other ladies have great suggestions. I also like to use comfrey on wounds. It works very well for my family.
chevy974's Avatar chevy974 05:18 PM 04-16-2002
st johns wort tincture is good to