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quietserena's Avatar quietserena 04:07 PM 03-10-2009
So I woke up yesterday morning to a swelling eye lid, itchy eye and that feeling of grit in there. I did remove an eyelash at some crazy hour like 3am when I got up to change DD2 but boy, an eyelash never did *this* much damage before! I did go through two years of recurring styes in high school and the approach of the docs then was to wash my eyelashes with baby shampoo regularly and wait out the inflammation.

So, I've put breast milk in the eye, and trying to keep my hands out of there and generally just trying to ignore it though it's annoying me to no end since my vision is sort of weird with it.

Are there any other things I can do?

sraplayas's Avatar sraplayas 05:35 PM 03-10-2009
hi there! i am sorry that you have to deal with this esp. with a newborn! the only other thing that i can think of is a very warm compress (washcloth) placed over the tear duct or irritated area for 5 minutes several times a day.

hope all is going well with your little one and you feel better soon!
quietserena's Avatar quietserena 08:38 PM 03-10-2009
Ooh that is a good idea. Thanks for the reminder.

Yesterday at first I thought all of this was due to the lack of sleep since DD2 has decided that very very early in the morning is playtime... While I do like to get up for prayers then and go back to sleep this isnt' working for me very well. It's hard to wake up at 4 and stay up...