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How quickly does early onset dementia progress?

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I can find tons of info about alzheimers, but none on dementia. How quickly does it go from functioning pretty normally to bed. Ballpark figures are fine.
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I don't know but I wanted to send you a hug.

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It really depends on what the believed cause of the dementia is the following website should be helpful but to give a time frame when we are talking about memory as far as I know is different for everyone. If it is being caused by strokes and the stokes keep happening then it may progress at a faster rate. - 112k -

Hope this helps and my thoughts are with you whether it is you starting to go through it or you are the caregiver.
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Like the PP said, it depends on the cause. There is an early onset Alzheimer's which is much less common than the late onset. (I think early accounts for 10% of Alzheimer's cases?)

I've had two family friends (both male) who had early onset Alzheimer's. From normal functioning (still working and participating in family life) to needing nursing home care was about 4-6 years, but this is variable.
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I have an aunt with early onset dementia, of unknown cause. This is anecdata of course, but she's been dx for about 5 years now and is still functioning and raising a teenage daughter. I believe there are medications she takes that are supposed to slow the progression.
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Thanks. I'm not sure how long it's been since the symptoms were noticeable to the person.
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