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Chantelle691's Avatar Chantelle691 11:02 AM 03-27-2009
Any experience? My dd has it on her inner things and her bottom. It's horrible!

I did buy zymaderm from amazon and we're on day 3 of applying it, but I was just wondering if there were any other things I could do that I was missing.

Doodlebugsmom's Avatar Doodlebugsmom 12:34 PM 03-27-2009
Here's a link to a very informative thread on MC:
Chantelle691's Avatar Chantelle691 12:43 PM 03-27-2009
Thanks so much! Lots of info there.
Chantelle691's Avatar Chantelle691 01:01 PM 03-27-2009
I just ordered lemon myrtle essential oil from that website. I have zymaderm at home but my dd LOATHES the smell, I put gardenia perfume on her today to cover the iodine-y smell, so maybe this will work AND smell better.