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Are Digestive Enzymes Safe During Pregnancy?

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Are digestive enzymes safe during pregnancy? On the Enzymedica site they I found this quote "Dr. Roy Dittinan suggests that pancreatic enzymes should not be taken during pregnancy or when using blood thinners".
Anyone have any knowledge on this? Thanks
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there are prenatal vit with digestive enzymes in them....ex. rainbow light brand. I really liked it as I had an upset tummy all the time. It is like papaya enzymes in there. I would have to hear more about why not to take them.
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Hmm, I've not heard that before. You might try to do a little more research on it, or speak with a naturopath or OB to see if anyone knows more about why. I can't imagine that papain (found in papaya) or bromelain (found in pineapple) could be harmful, since pregnant women eat those foods and therefore take in those enzymes regularly. I have a great product I love called Digestive Enhancement, but that one has quite a few different enzymes in it. You might try to stick with just the papain and bromelain while pregnant. I would think that would be safest.
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