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mamabuttercup's Avatar mamabuttercup 06:58 PM 04-17-2002

My ds 3 years old has had hives and other allergic reactions to food. I did a hair analysis and he is very toxic with several heavy metals. I did the hair sample thru a Naturalpathic Dr, and she recommended a suppository to treat heavy metals. I refused (for several reasons) and have not been back. Now, I am searching for info on ways to treat it myself. I am giving him Chorella (algae), which seems harmless. But I found info on herbs to help support detoxifying organs as well as chelating metals. However the formula is for adults and I am not sure if all the herbs are safe for a 3 year old. I didn't buy it, just got info on it. I am thinking of making an infusion for him, which would be much more milder. I just want to be cautious. This is driving me crazy, and he is so miserable. Please help!!!


Hera's Avatar Hera 07:10 PM 04-17-2002
A good place to start looking would be whatever health-food store or co-op or something has a bulletin board, or really helpful people in the supplements and herbs area, as see if you can find an herbalist. Sometimes they teach classes, and you can get their names that way. I can strongly recommend an herbalist in Calistoga, if that is any place you can get to or telephone or something.

I am interested it this whole chelating thing, I didn't know there were herbs that help with that, although I do know burdock and dandilion roots are both safe for kids. Red Clover has some sort of affect on the hormones, I'm not sure what, maybe increases estrogen levels somehow? anyway, it's not the first choice for children. Things like Cascara Sagrada and Senna are very strong laxatives, which I suppose is detoxifying, but I wouldn't call it healthy. (this from the woman who gave her dd a teaspoon of Castor Oil this morning) there are gentler choices.

A few years ago, my mom was really into this stuff called Mineral Toddy, or something like that. It had a lot of chelated minerals, metals, stuff like arsenic.... It was a liquid, basically tasted like strong mineral water. It was supposed to attract all of these minerals that were in your body, and render them harmless or easily eliminated or something. It would probably be fairly easy to give a tiny dose of something like that to your child, and support with some nutritive and de-toxifying herbs, and lots of filtered or good spring water.....
DashsMama's Avatar DashsMama 08:57 PM 04-17-2002
Herbs are powerful medicines! Just because they are natural, does not mean that they are harmless. There is a lot of misinformation on the web and in some books too! Please, I urge you to at least check with a licensed herbalist before you treat your child yourself!
steph's Avatar steph 11:53 PM 04-17-2002
there are a couple of things that come to mind. first, regarding your question about dosage - Rosemary Gladstar has a book THE FAMILY HERBAL that discusses that, plus it's a great resource. the other thing is, not knowing what herbs are in the formula you were refering to, it may or may not be better to make an infusion. some herbs have active properties that are not water soluble and are better extracted with alcohol or glycerine. also, does the formula give you ratios for each herb, or just a general list of herbs? regarding dashsmom's comment, some herbs are powerfull, some are gentle and nutritive. if you're working with strong alkaloyds, or purgatives it is best to seek some qualified advise. if you're working with nutitive and strengthening herbs you're probably fine on your own - esp. w/some good reference material. best wishes!
mamabuttercup's Avatar mamabuttercup 02:13 PM 04-19-2002
Thanks everyone for advice...that's why I love mothering!

Anyway I did go to the natural food store ( I used to work there so they are all familiar with our siituation) Anyway, I did find Cilantro extract that is good for chelation, which is safe for kids. I also got a kids formula for detoxifing organ support. It is milk thisle (which is fat soluable) dandelion, and oregon grape in gylcerian base. I am going to try this for a few weeks and see how it works. I will continue with the chrorella. Right now we are still suffering the repucions of a wheat bun and soy lecition in Juice (superfood Odwalla). My ds has been screaming at as and we cannot do anything right ( he asks for certain cereal I make it for him and IT is the wrong one!) It is so frustration because it never ends until the allergy food is finally out of his system.

If anyone has anymore advise let me know!
Thanks agaian