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LaLa's Avatar LaLa 12:57 PM 04-18-2002
Just wondering if your neck is sore when you turn it in any direction, could it just be muscle strain or does it mean that somethign is out of place?

I really hope it is just muscle strain, and I was thinking of getting a massage, but I dont' want to make it worse. Would massage be ok?

Chiromom's Avatar Chiromom 05:24 PM 04-18-2002
Hi Lala!

Sorry to hear that you are feeling puny. Here's my take on your neck-ache. The pain probably is coming from sore muscles and getting a message is always a good and safe idea... however... the muscles don't normally become seriously sore like that without the bones also moving out of their proper position. Therefore, a message alone will not actually correct the problem. You may feel better right after the message, but if the bones are still out of place, the discomfort and muscle spasm will tend to re-occur. So, get adjusted too. No massage can put the bones back, only your chiro can. And that my 2 cents worth.

Good luck!
LaLa's Avatar LaLa 05:28 PM 04-18-2002
Thanks sweetie. I know you are right!
I am scheduled to go in at 4:15 today. It is bad enough to be out of wack, but I woke up with the begining stages of mastitis too!


Maybe this is my body's way of saying that I should stay home this weekend?
LaLa's Avatar LaLa 06:24 PM 04-19-2002
So, I am glad I went to teh Chiro. She said I had a pinched nerve and that is why it hurt so much.

She also told me that I am too old to be doing sumersaults with dd!

Guess I learned that one the hard way. Apparently it isn't so nice on the neck!?
Who would have guessed ?

Chiromom's Avatar Chiromom 03:19 PM 04-22-2002
Glad to hear that you are doing better! Hope the mastitis has improved as well. Take care of yourself lady!