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On Christmas eve I was nursing Emily when I felt a funny little bump underneath my areola. It is about the size of a b.b. pellet or a lentil. It hasn't gotten any bigger, and I can only feel it if EMily is nursing, as it seems to sink back into my breast unless she is pulling the nipple deep into her mouth.

Since then I have not known what to do. I finally told my husband and my friend Tiffaney.I guess my next step is to go to the dr.

I saw owensmoms thread in TAo a few moments ago and started to cry. I am so scared for her, and also for me.

Emily is only now five months old. What am I going to do about nursing her if I am sick?? And if it is small and hard is that a bad thing or a good thing? I don't have any other bumps..just this little thing that won't go away.

I went to town toady and was almost having trouble thinking/breathing in the grocery store.

I am scared.
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i can imagine it must be very scary!
try to remember, not all lumps are cancer and cancer doesn't have to be treated with western medicine.

it may be a blockage in a milk duct or something, do you have any other symptoms?
there is a bowen technique for breast issues, if it is a blockage of some sort. www.bowtech.com has a place to find a therapistr in your area.

good luck to you
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Aww I know how scary it can be. I have delt with lumpy breast for a long time. Mine are always cysts either from my diet or stress or whatever. They go away on thier own. I seen you said you were nursing so your diet is prob pretty good. Do you think it could be a blocked milk duct or something? She has been nursing 5 months now have ya had one? I just dont want you to jump to the conclusion of "cancer" try and stay calm and go to your dr. It could just be one of them things. I hope you find out soon enough for your peace of mind.
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Please try to focus on the fact that most lumps are not cancer. I hope you can get it checked out soon and all is well.

Being right is not always fair, but being fair is always right
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I callled the drs office and left a message. They are closed for the weekend so I know I won't hear anything until Monday.

I got up this early and sat in the bathroom and pumped milk. I don't know what to do.

My daughter is so little. I know most lumps are nothing but that doesn't chase the fear out of my head. It is like a vicious sneaking thing that will not leave me no matter what.

I have eight bottles of breastmilk in my freezer, and I have about nine more left to fill and two bags as well. I feel compelled to fill every container.

My husband has no idea what to do or say. I want held. I want to cry and cry..which I have been doing . I wake up and feel alright for a moment and then I remember and feel like I am choking.

All I want to know is whatit is, and I want them to make it go away, and I want to hoold my babies and nurse my daughter until SHE is ready to wean..I don't want to have to all the sudden have to switch to bottles. I don't want to have to buy formula and a dishwasher basket and a scrub brush and bottles and nipplees and etc.

I just want my life back the way it was before I felt this thing. I wish it would go away.

I feel sick.

Every person I have spoken to has said" most lumps are benign" and I have been feeling sick with the thought of..what if it isn't nothing???? Then what??

Who will care for my children. Who will feed tham and hold them and love them if I am too ill to do so? How will my daughter eat and find comfort?

She is only five months old...nursing for her is so important. It is food and comfort and everything rolled into one. She is so beautiful. I want to watch her and my son grow up and I want to hold them and love them.

I am so scared.
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I know what you are feeling, but please, please try not to worry. As far as you know now it isn't anything and worrying isn't going to get you anywhere. I know, easier said than done, but I've been through it and the worrying was for nothing and chances are it will be the same for you. s

Hang in there!
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Please try to calm down, though I know how hard that can be. I'm a total hypochondriac and always assume the worst.

My mother had many lumps in her breasts while I was growing up, they always turned out to be cysts. My best friends mom had them too. They were fibroids?? (Is that the right word?) Anyway, for her, they told her to stop drinking so much caffeine. Her lumps cleared up on their own.

DH's aunt also had lumps in her breasts that turned out to be cysts. Cysts are very common. In the breasts lumps often turn out to be nothing, and since you're nursing it could be related to that. {{{{HUGS}}}

Please try to stop thinking the worst, just enjoy your babies for the weekend and see the doctor next week.
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