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autumnmom's Avatar autumnmom 02:11 PM 04-19-2002
I know having a result of mild dysplasia is not that uncommon, I think my hormones during pregnancy may have brought it on? It still scares me though and I am just starting to come to turms with having had a c-section with our beautiful daughters birth, and now I am dealing with another female issue. I guess I just want to feel normal again...

I had a colposcopy 2 weeks ago. For those who don't know what this is, it is when your doctor takes a better look at your cervix with a microscope for abnormal cells (even with a gentle Doctor, it's not a comfortable procedure). A area the size of a pen point was the only thing that was found and biopsies. That came back as mild dysplasia. I am to come back in 5 month for a re-pap to make sure all is ok. I am not overly concerned, but feel like I should do something and not just wait around? I found this one product that is called Beta-mannan, (think the web site is www.alotek.com)a supplement that is supposed to boost immune response to hpv that most likely causes abnormal cells/dysplasia. I am breastfeeding also and am not 100% sure about it, although it appears all natural- from the aloe plant. Anyone have experience with this?

Thanks so much!

steph's Avatar steph 08:57 PM 04-19-2002
autumnmom, i don't have any experience with the product you mentioned. however, a dear friend of mine is an herbalist w/a product line, who had a higher class number pap and cured herself pretty easily. if you email her at her website and tell her your specifics, she can no doubt recommend something (and if you don't hear from her for a few days, i think she's out of town). her website is www.moonmaidbotanicals.com good luck!
barjem's Avatar barjem 12:48 PM 04-22-2002
I had the same diagnosis when I got pregnant with baby #5 and the same result at post partum ...I freaked out my Dr was not too concerned I have gone back for 3 paps since then and all is clear ..
I took mega doses of folic acid after postpartum visit I had read on-line that low levels of folic acid could cause signs of dysplasia. It had cleared up within 6 weeks of starting folic acid treatment .I have a friend who had the dysplasia for years and got on the folic acid and it has not returned ....More research is supporting this treatment when no signs of HPV is present.....Good Luck