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My dd (age 4.5 years) is on her way to being diagnosed with asthma. She's had wheezing and breathing troubles off and on since 15 months, been to urgent care and the ped's office several times for breathing treatments and meds during an acute attack, and since a bad attack she had in late May she's been on oral steroids and a Xopenex inhaler, followed by a preventative inhaler (Flovent) that she now takes twice a day. I know asthma can be a serious and fatal disease if left untreated, but I really don't like her taking meds everyday if they could be avoided. Does anyone know any natural remedies or treatments for asthma? Do you have a child with asthma? If so, what do you do for them? TIA
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This has been discussed a lot on MDC. I think the general consensus is natural treatments is not the way to go. I believe there are some lifestyle changes that can happen and perhaps things that can lessen the amount of attacks but I don't think anything should take the place of steroids and inhalers for the wheezing/attacks, because - as I'm sure you know, the ramifications could be deadly.

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Sue Dengate has written a book Fed Up with Asthma that treats it as a food intolerance

I can tell you my son is intolerant of food chemicals and has wide ranging symptoms to salicylates in foods (hoarse voice, urinary incontinence, eczema, insomnia, behavioral issues).
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I've had asthma my entire life. As an adult my asthma improved( I also ate a whole foods SAD diet). While pregnant with my second, I wasn't able to eat many kinds of foods because of nausea. My diet has been restricted because of my son's food intolerance. My oldest son has been showing signs of asthma and I will be getting him an emergency inhaler soon. My asthma started getting worse this winter.
I made an amazing connection for us. Our food intolerance largely focus around sulfur foods (within the category JaneS mentioned). One symptom of sulfur sensitivity is asthma. I discovered that we were crazy low in molybdenum. As long as we are steadily building our molybdenum stores with supplements, our asthma has disappeared.
I have been able to trace my deficiency since when my mom was pregnant with me (she smoked two or three packs a day). Molybdenum is needed to process cigarette smoke in the body.
I'm not able to provide a link right now, but if you do a search under me and "all about me it's my turn" (or something like that.) you can read my story.
It is important to take asthma seriously though. It took me almost dying in high school for a doctor (and my mom who is a nurse) to take me seriously.
I do think there can be an answer other than meds, but it's important not to take risks.

eta: links

Children deserve the respect of puzzling it out.
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Very interesting Mammo!

The enzyme that processes salicylates is dependent on both sulfur and molybdenum right? Glad to hear of some progress!

I also remembered that the Weston Price Foundation's Real Milk campaign has tons of testimony from people healing from asthma with raw milk.
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Don't mess around with asthma. This is not something that you should try to treat without drugs. Steroids and bronchodilators are lifesaving. They have a place.

If you wish to modify diet or do other things also, fine... but they do NOT TAKE THE PLACE OF DRUGS to treat asthma. It's too dangerous.

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Please keep her on her Flovent and use the Xopenex when she is having a flair. I work on a pediatric floor of a hospital and we see kids all the time who have to be admitted because the parents weren't giving them their asthma medications regularly. It's really not something you should mess around with.
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I have a son who had to be admitted to hospital frequently WITH asthma meds in place: before we got the diagnosis, he nearly died. Please, please, stop and think how you would feel if you were unable to take a deep breath. Not once, because your kid is sitting on your chest. Not twice, because your kid didn't get off your chest when you asked them to- but for HOURS.
I know it's a huge shift in mindset, to acknowledge that the 20th and 21st century created a medical condition that isn't responding at all to natural therapies: but the evidence just isn't there to suggest that asthma does. Some things can help- eating a diet super-rich in fruit and vegetables makes a difference, and a diet rich in magnesium helps. The salicylates stuff is interesting, yes. A back massage helps my son relax after an attack, and essential oils can play a big part of this. But his reliever inhaler, his preventer, his long-lasting reliever and the singulair are the bread and butter of his treatment and looking at the difference in him, he's like a different child.
I know this isn't what you want to hear. I know that you really want someone to tell you that a chiropractic adjustment will help, that it's not that big a deal- because that's what I wanted, more desperately than anything. I can't tell you that, though

Saying that, I'd be concerned about a doctor who prescribed a 3 week course of oral steroids. 3 days, yes, no problem. 3 weeks?

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Just wanted to leave this bit form our local natural Chiro.
Rather then using inhalers, he advises a whif of real essential peppermint oil.
I watched it work on a women that had forgotten her inhaler, and he had her take a few breaths of the oil from the bottle.
She was comfy right away.

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My 2 y/o dd has asthma and it was a sharp learning curve for me too. I didn't want to give her anything unless it was acute.

I soon came to realize that she needed daily inhaled steroids or she would continue having attacks. Yes she has food allergies. We are working on healing her and getting/keeping her healthy but she still needs her daily treatment.

Nothing is more central to life than breathing. Please don't take chances.

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I have had asthma on and off for twenty years. As a child I did your basic steroids/rescue inhaler for years.
During this pregnancy my asthma came back worse than it's been since I was first diagnosed. I decided (as I always do now) to treat it naturally and I have been successful. I have not used any pharmaceuticals for my asthma (or otherwise) during my pregnancy.

The following treatments have helped me considerably:

*I drink Coltsfoot tea daily, Mullein has a very similar effect
*I avoid mucus forming foods (my asthma is of that variety)
*Regular acupuncture treatments (have helped SO much)
*Self stimulation of acupuncture points for acute attacks
*Osteopathic adjustments (have given me temporary, but complete relief for days at a time)
*Balsam Fir Essential Oil on my pillow at bedtime (would be nice to have a quality diffuser...)
*Castor oil and Mustard packs on my chest for acute attacks

All of the treatments work best when used as early as possible during breathing difficulties, and even better in combination. My asthma has gotten progressively better (slowly, but surely) and is now at the point where I 'can see the light'! I barely have any symptoms left and I'm looking forward to forgetting about it!

PM if you want more info

Clinical Herbalist. Trained but never certified, licensed, or registered as a midwife.
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I stay at home with my 3.5 yo allergic, asthmatic DD. In the past year she has gotten better and we have not had to start daily pulmicort. But I did nurse her until over 3, we have no pets, she has hardwood in bedroom,no stuffed animals, we use no chemicals around her, we stopped using church nursery and her diet is rich in fruit and veggies (along with multi vitamen and Vit C). Now she can get a cold without asthma!

I think that being able to avoid daily steroid has so much to do with how much you can control in your DCs world.
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