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Metasequoia 08-02-2009 01:07 PM

Help me not freak out here. I noticed in the last week or so that my hair seems to be thinning just above my forehead. It seems to be isolated to a small area about the size of a half-dollar, right smack in the front.

Initially, I thought it could have been from a sunburn I got on the front of my scalp at the beach a couple of weeks ago, but when I looked it up online, PCOS kept coming up. There are some signs that I could have PCOS but I'm not sure. I've discussed it with my ND & he said that I'm already doing what he'd suggest because he didn't think I'd want to try Metformin (he's right). I eat a fairly low-carb diet, no gluten, no grains other than occasional rice. I am usually low sugar, but could improve in that area. I could also go lower carb.

The only thing I've changed lately is I've taken up exercise. I work out 3 times a week, mostly light weight lifting with aerobics but I've been doing cardio kickboxing lately too. Maybe I'll cut back to just 3 days of the light weight lifting/aerobics.

As for PCOS, I'm super fertile, my cycles are regular (31-33 days each cycle), I feel like I'm ovulating regularly every cycle (my libido jumps big time & I get some serious ECM.) I am a hairy ape woman, always have been. My fasting insulin & glucose were great. I used to notice that after eating wheat, I'd feel dizzy, light-headed & just like I was having insulin problems. Actually, I was feeling that way after anything carby or sugary. For some reason, I don't get this feeling any more. My cholesterol was great...what else? I have my annual coming up soon & I'm going to mention it & see if I can run some blood work & maybe have a U/S of my ovaries.

Is there anything specific I should ask for?

Have any PCOS sufferers tried natural progesterone? Dr. Lam recommends it for estrogen dominance which he says leads to PCOS because our bodies convert the excess estrogen into testosterone.

I read about Saw palmetto & think I'd like to try it. I'm still BFing, but I think it's okay to take. I'm also going to get a good B complex because Biotin is supposed to be good for hair growth & glucose metabolism.

Any other suggestions for hair thinning/loss? My embarrassing big fear has always been tooth loss (have occasional nightmares about it) but all of a sudden, this hair loss thing is right up there! Dd1 said to me the other day when I was asking her if she thought my hair was thinning (& she knows about my tooth loss phobia) "I'd be more concerned about losing an arm or leg if I were you. You can always get dentures or a wig." Kids - leave it to them to put things in perspective for ya.


sbgrace 08-02-2009 07:21 PM

It's just in one smallish area? I'd wonder about ringworm.

My sister had parathyroid disease and lost her hair. You check calcium blood levels initially for that (calcium should be below 10).

But usually when a person loses their hair due to an underlying disease process it isn't in a small patch. Is the hairy body the only reason you think PCOS? Because for me PCOS caused a lot more than that. You're describing fine fertility and fasting insulun/glucose levels and all so I'm not sure why you think PCOS. But natural progesterone did not fix my problem and in fact won't even extend my luteal phase enough to maintain pregnancy.

ellairiesmom 08-03-2009 01:30 PM

I don't want to hijack this thread but I was searching for some hair loss posts...and am also PCOS.

I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2002. I had gained excessive amounts of weight in my early 20's, after giving up a college athletic scholarship that probably helped the weight stay off initially. I got my period when I was 12, but by 15 or 16, it had become irregular. By 20, it was almost gone. I had one incidence at 19 where I started bleeding & it lasted for 2 weeks & was insane. I went to the college health clinic & after stopping the bleeding, they suggested the pill for regularity so I just did it for most of my 20's.

After my PCOS diagnosis, which was based on a few factors but especially the FSH/LH ratio, I went on Metformin & changed my diet. I lost 80 lbs & felt amazing & was very healthy. I feel like I did notice a slight thinness where my part had fallen my whole life but it wasn't enough to be sure at that point. And no one else noticed at that point for sure.

I was on the pill, but had missed a couple days while waiting for the script renewal when we got pregnant with DD in 2007. I went off Metformin, had GD with that pregnancy, gained 50 lbs & started to notice the widow's peak my family tends to get as they age (while pregnant-not PP) But since DD's birth, extensive breastfeeding, holding off on the metformin until she was about a year old, I have noticed a significant loss just above my forehead hair line. And my Mom & SIL definitely see it-I don't think anyone else would be honest with me about it. Combined with the receding/widow's peak, it is getting very thin just on top in a spot. My 3 brothers are all also thinning or mostly bald & under 33 years old. The youngest lost most of his hair at 18.

The other thing is, for the 1st time in my life, my period came back, very regular (30-33 day cycles) on it's own at 8 months PP.

I haven't done well losing weight from the 1st pregnancy & had a very hard time controlling carbs while breastfeeding. Now I am pregnant again (one time we didn't use a condom & boom) & still nursing, but have decided to stay on the metformin to try & prevent the GD diabetes this time around & hopefully avoid insulin.

I have felt dizzy & naus but am 13 weeks so it could be pregnancy related. I am monitoring my blood sugars & except for a few mornings a week with fasting highs, they are perfect.

The rest of the hair on my head is thick as ever...but I feel like everyday, I am seeing more scalp in the spot on top-right past the widow's peak. And I have these stray hairs like my brothers did when they started to really lose it. But I feel like my fertility has clearly not been an issue (or is that because of the metformin which has been known to help with pregnancy in PCOS) & the fact that my period came back so normal while nursing would suggest normal hormones.

I don't know what to do & the hair thinning/loss combined with baby weight & pregnancy has resulted in me losing all my confidence & not being able to stand looking at myself. I feel like I am just this big mess.

Mom2M 08-03-2009 03:00 PM

Sorry you are dealing with this, I was severely anemic last year and my hair started falling out big time. I have really long hair and it was just a nightmare after a shower...This occurred after breastfeeding for 2.5 years and it turns out my diet wasn't really sufficient to take care of my own needs.

Anyway, definitely get tested for thyroid and anemia, including ferritin levels, etc...adding blood loss from your periods being regular again could exacerbate it.

Mine was so low the lab called my dr as an urgent result. After receiving IV iron for 6 months, my hair grew back in thick!
Of course, now I'm pg again so I'm definitely going to watch my iron levels!

Here is a site on female hair loss too

Take care,


lindberg99 08-03-2009 05:19 PM

I'd wonder about ringworm or some other infection too. My son has a little zit thing that the doctor said was a boil and he lost the hair around it in maybe a nickle size patch. Or maybe a cyst? Do you have any bumps in the patch?

I think alopecia can also cause patchy hair loss.

I found this article on patchy hair loss at the site the PP referenced:

I think what my son has is called folliculitis rather than a little zit thing.

Metasequoia 08-03-2009 06:48 PM

I was leaning away from PCOS because it doesn't seem to be in a male pattern (which I think is what PCOS causes...) It has been itchy last night & today, so I just dumped some tea tree oil on it & made a doc appt for next Monday. I'll use TTO & ACV until I can get there.

I also ordered a bunch of supps:

Now Foods, Saw Palmetto Berries, 550 mg, 250 Capsules
2 Now Foods, PABA, 500 mg, 100 Capsules
3 Twinlab, Choline & Inositol Caps, 500 mg, 100 Capsules
Multi-Mins Iron & Copper Free by Biotics Research
Physiologics Vitex Chaste Tree 400mg 100 Capsules
Thorne Research Basic B Complex
Physiologics Biotin 5mg

I'm mostly interested in the B-complex & minerals. I was taking the minerals & felt really good - very relaxed but with more energy - and then I ran out. They've been out of the B-complex forever & I like this brand because it has folate as opposed to folic acid.
The choline, inositol, extra biotin & PABA are supposed to be really good for hair growth.

I'll wait to see what my doc thinks before experimenting with the saw palmetto & vitex. I'm not sure I can take those while bfing.

vegasgrl 08-03-2009 08:17 PM

I haven't read the other posts; just wanted to share my experience.

I lost a good portion of my hair about 7 years ago, I'd say 30%? It started coming out a little at a time and got to the point where I'd be pulling a scary amount out in the shower during conditioner time. Even used Rogaine for a while which was - I was like 25 and totally healthy otherwise or so I thought.

My culprit was hypothyroidism, solved with some synthroid. It actually seems to have corrected itself; something I had heard was impossible - once you're on synthroid you have to take it forever - except my levels are normal now without medication weird.

Anyhoo, my hair all grew back just fine, and my thyroid rebounded. I have zero experience with PCOS though. Good luck!

Metasequoia 08-04-2009 08:51 AM

Thanks vegasgrl! I have thyroid testing on my list of tests I want run. I have pretty bad adrenal fatigue & my ND has always said that the thyroid is always affected, even if it doesn't show up in testing. But I've been dealing with AF for years now & this is the first I've had any thinning hair.

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