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El Casey S's Avatar El Casey S 03:35 PM 04-23-2002
It is so nice to post things showing only one's thoughts and not having to be seen. I can avoid for a while the fact that I am sadly, unhappily obese. But it is true, I am 5'1'' and over 150 lbs. I wasn't always so. I used to love to dance and be in musicals, jog, etc. But now I'm fat. And depressed (which came first the chicken or the egg?). Anyway, I have put a lot of thought into this, and want to start working out at home a bit. So I got on the internet to Amazon - and don't recognize anyone there, and feel confused.
Any suggestions for a video that:
a.) Has NOOOO Actresses or Models
b.) Isn't too silly (like that little guy, what's his name, with the curly hair who was in that soap opera decades ago)
c.) Isn't too dificult for someone just getting restarted (although I'm pretty fit for a fat girl - we have no car so I bike everywhere or walk)
d.) But isn't too boring.
e.) Focuses more on dance than muscle training

Am I being too picky?
: :

gilnikche's Avatar gilnikche 11:42 PM 04-23-2002
I have been very impressed with Joyce Vedral.

I am just getting started myself. No there is no dance aspect to it, but it certainly would work well in conjunction with it. Her site is www.joycevedral.com
El Casey S's Avatar El Casey S 05:13 PM 04-24-2002
Thanks. That is someone new for me. And she is not a model! I really really really want to dance, though. (Here I sound like Gene Kelly from Singing In The Rain "Gotta Dance Gotta Dance . . .") I hope you don't mind, but, anything/anyone else?
AmyG's Avatar AmyG 11:28 PM 04-24-2002
I like Denise Austin. Her figure is disgustingly perfect, but her attitude isn't stuck up, and she really is healthy, not skinny. She has 2 30-minute programs on Lifetime every morning, if you have cable. She actually says which exercises cause the most discomfort for her, although I imagine she really doesn't feel it since she's so fit. She says she exercises for 30 minutes at least 5 days a week, which I find much more manageable than longer workouts less often.

I have her yoga tape, but that's not what you're looking for. I think Lifetime's website has descriptions of each of her tapes, so you might find something similar to what you're looking for there.
El Casey S's Avatar El Casey S 03:57 AM 04-25-2002
Thanks AmyG! But boy do I feel difficult . . . I live in Germany and have no attachments to outside TV - only videos. But I am learning stuff through this. Maybe I should rephrase this thread to what videos do you find good? And then I get even more info!
El Casey S's Avatar El Casey S 03:58 AM 04-25-2002
Ok ok, I'll even accept Actresses and models . . . lowering my expectations.
valeria_vi's Avatar valeria_vi 12:47 PM 04-25-2002
go and od a search on amazon - you'll see what the most popular videos are and will be able to read at least several reviews for each one of them. it seems like most denise austin videos have mixed reviews about them.