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carmenvargas's Avatar carmenvargas 01:22 PM 02-03-2004
I am pg with my second child (due in 5 weeks) and always been very afraid of SIDS. I have posted several times trying to find links between certain things and SIDS, doing tons of research but everything is SO confusing. So to feel better with myself I want to do the best I can to prevent this, and as a part of that I want to know if anyone can provide useful information or latest research on this subject. I am also wondering if anyone knows of a co-sleeping, brestfed baby that has died of SIDS. I have not heard of that so I'm wondering if the cause goes that way?
Any information is VERY appreciated! Thanks

Carmen :

teniprice's Avatar teniprice 01:35 PM 02-03-2004

Yes, I have heard of a co-sleeping, breastfed baby that has passed from SIDS. I don't think that there is a boundry for that. It can happen to anyone. I know that doesn't make you feel any better, but it's true.
I haven't extensively researched SIDS but I have read that there isn't much you can do if it does happen (especially if it happens while sleeping) although some babies pass while in their carseats or strollers. It's not just a sleeping problem. I know I found that scary. I have also heard of mom's who find their babies have stopped breathing and can have them revived and they say that if they hadn't been there at that time that their baby would have been catagorized at passing from SIDS.
It's a scary thing because it has no warning. I just prayed over my kids (and still do) and that is how I have overcome my fear of this.
Congrats on your pg and good luck!
Brayg's Avatar Brayg 02:11 PM 02-03-2004
Carmen--I'm not sure what your vax stance is, but there is some very good info in the vaccine threads. If you do a search in there for SIDS, you should be able to find something. HTH
carmenvargas's Avatar carmenvargas 02:17 PM 02-03-2004

Thanks. I do post in the vaccine boards and I do think there is a link, even though I'm still trying to figure it out and have an educated opinion on this, you got me thinking and now I'm wondering, does anyone know of un-vaxed, co-sleeping, breastfed babies that have passed due to SIDS???

Thanks for your advice

Brayg's Avatar Brayg 02:24 PM 02-03-2004
Fortunately, I personally don't know any babies who have died of SIDS (I've known OF babies but didn't really know them). Unfortunately, I don't know any unvaxed babies other than my own.
DaryLLL's Avatar DaryLLL 02:34 PM 02-03-2004
Do you want to know of one co-sleeping bfed baby that has died of SIDS? Why? Is that a study? One anecdote will not really reassure you will it? Would it make you decide to not bf and co-sleep?

Read Dr Sears book, called SIDS. He has put together a lot of diverse research.

carmenvargas's Avatar carmenvargas 02:54 PM 02-03-2004
The reason why I wanted to know of one -or any- baby that has passed because of SIDS that co-slept and was breatfed and unvaxed, is ONLY because I have never heard of any, just wondering if in fact there are (which would mean SIDS is much more complicated than I thought.... I guess it is but still, I question many things... lol)

Brayg's Avatar Brayg 02:59 PM 02-03-2004

Where would you have gotten any indication that Carmen would not nurse and cosleep if she found out one baby died of SIDS? She's just curious and doing research, which is to be commended and we should help her as much as we can.
cdahlgrd's Avatar cdahlgrd 04:49 PM 02-03-2004
Unfortunatley, babies die and we don't always know why. Yes, I have heard of unvaxed, bf, co-sleeping babies who died. But I know of a lot more that were in their cribs.

Do you believe in God or a higher power? Maybe you can seek some comfort and reassurance through prayer? I am also terrified about it, but it is more managable when I pray. It is a relief to know that not everything is in my hands, even if I try to control all the variables.

I hope you find some peace with this issue. It can make those first few months very hard.
goodpapa's Avatar goodpapa 08:27 PM 02-03-2004
...and started to learn about the immune system, I began to do nutritional research.

I am now profoundly confident of my son's physiological strength, and have not always felt that way.

He is now 2 and is a powerhouse in every way. (He's also 40 inches tall and 36 pounds so his body has been under tremendous stress just from growing.)

Feeding him the right foods is a constant, but extremely fulfilling part-time job...

... and it is EVERYTHING.

Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food,


PS Check the "convince me to skip MMR" thread in the vax forum for the story of how my son sailed through measles at 18 months.

It was nothing less than amazing.
DaryLLL's Avatar DaryLLL 08:55 PM 02-03-2004
Originally posted by carmenvargas
I am also wondering if anyone knows of a co-sleeping, brestfed baby that has died of SIDS. I have not heard of that so I'm wondering if the cause goes that way?
I did not understand that final question.

I provided a detailed reliable book on latest SIDS research. Then I asked a question to understand you better, why would it make any difference if one bfed non-vaxed baby died of SIDS?

Then I hazarded a guess as to why it would or what it would make you do.

I once met a woman casually whose previous child had had leukemia. This child had been breastfed and was now in remission at age 5 after 2 yrs of being ill.

The mother was now pg and told me, she was afraid to bf the next baby b/c she might give it leukemia thru the breastmilk! I told her it was likely the milk had healed her previous dd and she seemed very skeptical.

Maybe this story was in the back of my mind. Sorry if my wonderings seemed offensive.
Jazmommie's Avatar Jazmommie 09:54 PM 02-03-2004
I just replied to the thread in vax-
THE INFANT SURVIVAL GUIDE -protecting your baby from the dangers of crib death,vaccines & other enviromental hazards

By Lendon H Smith MD

I have read this (got an autographed copy !)

The first chapter is Toxic Gases-the single cause of nearly all crib deaths
others are -
childbirth,vaccinations & toxic gases,infantile heart attacks as a cause of SIDS,nutrition & more.
I will read through it again .
malamamama's Avatar malamamama 11:15 PM 02-03-2004
Good thing to remember when you're in the midst of those wakeful nights with your new babe.......
Babies wake them selves in part to regulate their breathing. So don't be all in a rush to get them to sleep more
It sounds like that book would be good for you to read. It's good that you are facing that fear.
I hope that you find peace soon.
supakitty's Avatar supakitty 03:12 AM 02-04-2004
I wrote my master's thesis on co-sleeping and SIDS after doing A LOT of research. My view is from a standpoint of taking appropriate measures in one's environment to minimize risk factors. I don't know if that's what you're looking for but I'd be glad to share it...

jdelilah's Avatar jdelilah 09:37 PM 05-05-2004
Laura, I just chanced on this thread and I know it was a while ago, but I'M interested in what you have to say! If you still want to share!