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Smilemomma's Avatar Smilemomma 01:54 AM 04-24-2002

skybrink's Avatar skybrink 03:28 AM 04-24-2002
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!! Can we put that on a billboard in every town across the universe????

I get SOOOO frustrated when I hear a Dr. or even my dentist say "oh don't worry about it until they are three or if you see some problems", hello is that not what we are working on, to PREVENT the problems???!! Oh and also, can we also put on that billboard that night nursing is not the culprit.

I have gone through putting my 21 month old fully "under" to repair quite a few of his teeth. All of my sister's kids have had the same probs so we are pretty sure it has to be in the family, eventhough every dentist says it is not!!

Thanks for announcing that "revelation"
Curious's Avatar Curious 05:23 PM 04-24-2002
They aren't trained at all. I had an FP and a ped both go on about Dd's teeth (or lack thereof). I thought she was teething and they said maybe - could be, and asked me if I felt anything. I did, but it turned out to be the frenulum.

One of my close friends is a dentist and she fipped up Dd's lips and showed me little ghost teeth all lined up under the gum tissue on top, and a few on the bottom. The doctors didn't know how to do that exam and it was too quick a move for me to repeat.

She instructed me on gum hygeine though she is not a mother and must never have tried to actually use the brush she gave me. I ended up getting the rubber finger brush.

I would not have gotten the benefit of this knowledge if she hadn't been my friend.
Smilemomma's Avatar Smilemomma 01:37 AM 04-25-2002

Britishmum's Avatar Britishmum 04:34 AM 04-25-2002
Smilemomma, I've wondered about taking dd to the dentist (she's 19 months) but at the moment she freaks at the sight of a stranger and would never let someone look in her mouth. Even our ped has trouble coming near her, eg to look in her ears - the moment she walks in the room dd is shouting at her to go away, even though she is familiar and dd likes her when she's not trying to examine her.

Is this normal for little ones on their first dentist visit? Should I take her anyway and insist that the dentist gets to look in her mouth (she'll get hysterical). Or will that be counterproductive? I'm glad you've brought this issue up!
Irishmommy's Avatar Irishmommy 09:39 AM 04-25-2002
My family dr. must be one of a kind!! She does check the kids mouths (when allowed!!), and has recommended dental visits with at least one of my foster kids. However, when I was at the dentist last week I had both dds with me, and dd2 would not let the dentist look at all, even when dd1 showed her how (normally if dd1 does something, dd2 will follow). What am I supposed to do there? I don't want to force her, but I'd like her checked out. I have no reason to believe there are any problems with her teeth.
willibug's Avatar willibug 10:16 AM 04-30-2002
I have had similar problems as KareninCT.

When we lived in England, it was recommended that the children begin dental visits at one year. They start out going along with a parent, and it is a more "get acquainted" sort of thing at first. They work up to going alone and having a full exam. Children's dental care is fully covered by the National Health service, with no out-of-pocket expense.

We moved to the US when I had two children, ages one and four. I looked into dentists and found that none of them would see my 1yo...not until she was three! I was told that there was a pediatric dentist in the next state who would see her, but only if she was "having some problems!" In retrospect, I wish I would have made her an appointmen, saying we were having some problems. Then, when we were there, I would have said, "Yes, we are having problems. We are having problems getting a dentist to examine at my child's teeth!"

What can we do about situations like these?
Curious's Avatar Curious 09:12 PM 04-30-2002
This is slightly off the subject but I was talking with my friend the dentist, and she said she hates it when she pops her head into the room where a kid is waiting for her, and she hears the mother say, "Don't worry, she won't hurt you."

She says she can't get near those kids.

I suggested that she tell the kids that the dentist is fun to see because you can make funny faces and spit. She wants to have her receptionist tell the mothers to give this build up when they make the appointments.
meagain's Avatar meagain 03:41 PM 05-08-2002

The pediatrician we were seeing completely disregarded my son's teeth at his 12-month checkup. In fact, she checked the box marked "good" under TEETH on his chart. Meanwhile, one week later, we had to get his two front teeth EXTRACTED because they were so deteriorated. Now, we're battling trying to save the next top two teeth. Tons of flouride coating and glue (since they kept chipping). Plus, we're brushing his teeth twice a day, using ACT once, and constantly wiping his mouth out. I feel so invasive. The mouth is such a sacred space for a toddler. PLUS my son, (now 16 mos old) LOVEW to nurse incessantly during his nap. So, after hemming and hawing and his condition worsening, I have to take that away from him too (not to mention the night nursing is gone). I love my boy SO much it overwhelms me. Like everyone reading this thread I want the best for my child. But, my goddess, the process of sifting through doctors, etc. to find someone you can trust, believe, someone who LISTENS!!!!!!
gauge14iv's Avatar gauge14iv 03:49 PM 05-08-2002
Don't know if this is of any help or not - and I do not know enough about the topic to say wether I think he's right or not - but I happened across this site last night while reading up on tongue ties...I have not read the whole thing - only glanced through it...

veggiewolf's Avatar veggiewolf 04:02 PM 05-08-2002
I took my DS to my dentist appointment at 1 year and 18 months, despite protests from my ped (who is great in all other respects) that he didn't need to go until he was 2. My dentist did a quick examination, and made sure everything was fine. At 2, we started with a pediatric dentist, and she is wonderful!

Of course, now we're into the whole not wanting to brush thing (he's 9). He's had one cavity already - you'd think that would have been enough to make him want to brush now!