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New_Natural_Mom's Avatar New_Natural_Mom 07:01 PM 09-14-2009
DS is 17 months and has been dealing with constipation for what seems like forever. I don't think he has ever been a daily pooper. I think we once went 2 weeks w/o poop. He does have pain (meaning massive crying/screaming) when he does poop (typically 1 - 2x a week now) and his poop is SUPER hard. He poops 1 - 2 days a week, but usually one of the days sees him pooping 2-3 times that day.

We give him SA daily, aloe juice 2x/day, probiotics 2x/day. I have *never* hit his bowel tolerance for SA even giving up to 750 mg/day when he was sick.

He eats an extremely healthy diet. 99% organic (meats/fruits/veggies) - no junk, no sugar. He probably is slightly dehydrated though. Nurses on demand at home (which can be 10x a day sometimes - he's a grazer.) He gets 2 bottles of breastmilk at daycare and has a sippy available of juice/water blend, but he never drinks the sippy.

Long story to say, I just read about digestive enzymes and that seems like a good idea. Maybe this will help him. I hate seeing him scream like that!! Anyone use digestive enzymes or give to their lo's? If so what should I look for? Any recos?

ETA: He has no other symptoms when he is constipated. No fever. no crying when you touch him tummy. No obstructions in his stomach. His pedi says he just takes longer to digest than other people.

YummyYarnAddict's Avatar YummyYarnAddict 07:06 PM 09-14-2009
Since you said that he's already taking a probiotic twice a day and that it's possible he's dehydrated, I would suggest increasing his fluids to see if getting his hydration to a more optimal level improves things as a first step. That alone may do the trick, especially since you already have so many other things in the mix. Depending on what probiotic you're using, a digestive enzyme may contain many of the same things.
rahans's Avatar rahans 11:16 PM 09-14-2009
I don't know the answer to your question on digestive enzymes but what finally worked with my DS (2.5 yo) for chronic constipation issues was when I introduced a daily dose of Baby Calm (magnesium) and some flax oil (about 1/4 tspn/day) - someone on this site recommended them . He usually has it mixed in with his kefir (I just do store bought one) I noticed a difference about one week after starting Baby Calm. I hope your DC feels better soon.
ASusan's Avatar ASusan 11:21 PM 09-14-2009
Can't say anything about the enzymes, but have you tried Epsom salt baths and upped his good fats? I think these two things are very important.
KoalaMommy's Avatar KoalaMommy 11:45 PM 09-14-2009
I thought if enzymes were the issue you'd be more likely to see diarrhea.

I second the flax seed. We used flax seed meal for my DD, I put it in her yogurt or pureed pears. She called them "tiny nuts" and took them regularly for a few months, they did the trick and they're really great for you!!!!