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anamama's Avatar anamama 04:41 PM 09-15-2009
My right ear is draining clear, watery stuff and sounds clogged. It isn't painful, but it is uncomfortable. I am really sleepy, despite having gotten a great night's sleep last night. My energy is low.
I have never had drainage from my ears. Anyone have a clue about this? Is it allergy of some sort? TIA!

sugareemoma's Avatar sugareemoma 08:41 PM 09-15-2009
My dd has ear drainage now and had it once last fall. I freaked out last fall and took her to the Dr even though she didn't have a fever. They said something to the effect that it could have developed into a middle ear infection but started to drain instead. With kids that start having an infected ear and it doesn't drain on its own a fever develops and either tubes or antibiotics are usually needed! So even though its weird and kind of gross I'd think of it as a good thing. Hope you feel better soon.
anamama's Avatar anamama 12:22 PM 09-19-2009
Thanks, Sugaree!! I've been drinking lots of teas with honey, using garlic mullein ear oil and hot water bottles (we call them "nursies" at our house!), and my mom candelled my ear yesterday evening. It is clearing up, but slowly. I've kind of enjoyed the muffled quiet, lol, but am looking forward to having healthy ears again. I guess this is better than a middle ear infection! Thanks for the info.
CallMeIshmael's Avatar CallMeIshmael 03:18 PM 09-19-2009
Quick NAK note:

If your ear's draining fluid, your eardrum may be perforated from an infection. As PP pointed out, that's not a bad thing, since the drainage helps clear the infection. But if your eardrum is perforated, there's an open chanel from the outside world into your middle ear, which is usually a sterile, dry site. That's not a really good place to have garlic-mullein oil, or anything that can be carried along with it from your outer ear canal.

Might want to hold off on putting anything into your ear until the drainage has stopped for several days.

Hope you feel better soon!