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truelife's Avatar truelife 12:14 AM 09-23-2009
I went to change my DD's diaper tonight, and there looked like there was a small (as in a tiny drop) amount of blood that had been watered down. She's in sposies right now b/c of a horrible diaper rash, but there are no open wounds/blisters/etc. I took a tablespoon of maca this morning for the first time in 6 months, and am wondering if the two could be related. She has no fever, hasn't seemed to be in pain when she goes potty, and hasn't been irritable. I'll call the ped in the morning, but was wondering if any of you mamas might have an idea???? TIA!

desertpenguin's Avatar desertpenguin 06:51 AM 09-23-2009
i think it's a possibility. google search of maca+menstruation
truelife's Avatar truelife 11:18 AM 09-23-2009
Thanks, desertpenguin!

This was a total slip-up on my part, and probably my worst mommy moment yet. I have been doing a ton of research for most of the night and early morning.

I did find out that Maca is an estrogen mobilizer. I'm estrogen dominant, and progesterone didn't touch the issues. Estrogen is what causes newborn babies to have a "mini-period" after they're first born, so I'm wondering if the estrogen leaving my body caused her to have some spotting? I took the Maca at 8 a.m. yesterday and noticed the spot 12 hours later.

The herbalist I know isn't in until 11 a.m. so I'll call her first. If anyone else has any input I'd appreciate it!
desertpenguin's Avatar desertpenguin 07:33 PM 09-23-2009
i can't give you any more help about the maca, but you might find this article interesting as it pertains to estrogen dominance due to xenoestrogens. Natural Protection Against Estrogen Overload. and don't feel bad! we all have our moments. oh man, i have some stories to tell.