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hippy mum's Avatar hippy mum 12:15 AM 11-04-2009
I can't find too much on cradle cap in children, other than by the time they are older, it's usually something else. Ds1-4yrs-still has cradle cap. It's very frustrating. I've read a little that it can be an immune problem, a gut problem, an allergy etc. So I'm not sure where to start. It's definately not dandruff-it's the same stuff he had as an infant.
He had an allergy/excema problem as an infant -the cradle cap would cake up behind and in his ears and I cut about 90% of wheat out of my diet and watched his for 2yrs. It rarely is by his ears now, but on his head it's there. Hard to see because of his hair, but I think it bothers him.
I'm wondering if it's a diet thing, but how long would it be before I noticed it not coming back with an elimination diet? If it's wheat, what can I use as a substitute? Most of what I buy has wheat. Should I try a gluten free diet? Is that hard to do?
I did find a natropath near me, so may take him to her and see what she says.

Vancouver Mommy's Avatar Vancouver Mommy 12:46 AM 11-04-2009
My 4yo still has cradle cap as well. I never really thought much about it, but would be interested in hearing what others have to say.
Panserbjorne's Avatar Panserbjorne 01:09 AM 11-04-2009
I generally find that biotin takes care of this issue in many cases. It can be indicative of yeast, which means your biotin stores are low. Supplementing usually does produce a change pretty quickly. But you can peek around and see what you think as well as what others have to say.
motocita's Avatar motocita 01:34 AM 11-04-2009
My five year old still has it as well. In her case, I see it when she's reacting to her food allergies. She is allergic to salicylates (found mostly in fruits and vegetables). FYI, allergy to salicylates looks exactly like yeast overgrowth. The reason I know it's not yeast though, is because I can give her tons of sugar and as long as there're no salicylates, there is no "yeast". But I bring in some salicylates and all the symptoms are back, including cradle cap. The cradle cap is one of the last symptoms we see, for her it happens when we've really overdone it with salicylates. She's had it since she was a baby and it just started fading away last year as I became better at keeping the salicylates low. Now it only pops up occasionally.
Bri'sgirl's Avatar Bri'sgirl 01:54 AM 11-04-2009
I can't help you on the cause, but DS1 had it up until Sept. He is 7 yo. We had a lice scare at school and I decided to do a "just in case" treatment on him using mayonaise. I coated his head and scalp with the mayo and covered it with a plastic bag for 3 hours. We washed his hair with Dr. Bronners 2 times to get it all out. He hasn't had any cradle-cap signs, since. HTH.
Panserbjorne's Avatar Panserbjorne 11:44 AM 11-04-2009
that's definitely something to consider too. If you can get it off (olive oil or whatever) and it doesn't come back then it was just a residual issue. It's when it comes back that you have to look at other causes.
cj'smommy's Avatar cj'smommy 01:39 AM 11-05-2009
My DS had it as well at about 3-4 yrs old. I found out after I got it off that it was residual. They were really big scales and stuck like glue! I worked at it slowly and it took a lot of patientce (for both of us!) but once I got it off it didn't come back. The best tool I had was an infant comb. It has such tiny teeth that are very close together and it worked really well at getting the scales off with some olive oil.
Rubber Ducky's Avatar Rubber Ducky 10:30 AM 11-05-2009
Have you tried vaseline (petroleum jelly)? It worked wonders on my DS though that was when he was only 4 months. Everything cleared within days and he hasn't had it since although I still apply it to keep his scalp moisturized.
Erinz's Avatar Erinz 02:18 PM 11-05-2009
My 3.5 year old has a lot of it. We got most of it off (in the bath with a fine toothed comb, that was slow torture for all of us even with making a game out of it) a couple of months ago after realizing how thick it was on there. It's hard to see because he has so much curly hair. I was just noticing yesterday it's back. That combined with a new case of eczema has me wondering about allergies now. Sigh.
lyterae's Avatar lyterae 03:50 PM 11-05-2009
I'm so glad you posted this! My almost 4 year old still has quite a bit of cradle cap as well. I guess I'll start with trying to get it "off" and then see if comes back. She has food allergies so it's a guessing game as to what the cause is.
hippy mum's Avatar hippy mum 06:18 PM 11-05-2009
It comes back. It did as an infant and was always sort of there, just a little bit. Sometimes it's worse though. I looked again at ds2 and he has some too, but not as bad. I tried this oil stuff I had and it helps soften it to try to scrape it off, which they do not like. So I'm wondering if it's an allergy of some sort. For ds1, he had a ton of bw done last year and the allergy one came back saying he allergies weren't likely. So though I want to think it's an allergy, I'm not sure.
Could it be genetic? When he was a baby, my ped (since moved away), did some research and though perhaps it was a genetic condition that caused something in wheat to react like that on skin. It flakes up behind and in the ears, and then on the scalp.
Panserbjorne's Avatar Panserbjorne 06:22 PM 11-05-2009
Genetic like.....celiac disease?

No, I really don't believe that it's at all genetic. I believe it's more along the lines of acquired deficiencies. I go back to my biotin suggestion.
mlec's Avatar mlec 11:11 PM 11-05-2009
For my dd's this has been indicative of dairy consumption.
hippy mum's Avatar hippy mum 06:24 PM 11-06-2009
Pans, I don't know. He said the info he found was that one or both of the parents would be a carrier of the problem. One of us prob had the same thing as a child and grew out of it and as adults don't show the sypmtoms of it. I didn't research it much, because when I cut most of the wheat out of my diet, it went almost all away, and I thought it was regular cradle cap and diet related. That's why I wonder now if it is a wheat problem, and we should go wheat free for awhile. But wouldn't an intolerance to wheat have showed on his bw?
Our parents don't remember if we had that problem though. Will have to read about the biotin, I know I've heard of that before, but will have to refresh my memory. Thanks.
FireWithin's Avatar FireWithin 01:13 AM 11-07-2009
My 3.5 year old still has it. I recently have begun addressing his strong need for biotin. He has begun to be able to swallow pills. It was too hard for him before.
Marlet's Avatar Marlet 01:18 AM 11-07-2009
DD1 still has some though it's slowly coming out/off. Awhile back (i.e. when her hair was shorter and thinner ) I tried peanut butter. Worked like a charm. Basically just smear it on and massage the scalp a bit and then let it sit. After a few minutes rinse it out (I did it during bath time). Her hair was greasy that night and then weirdly greasy the next day but by bath time that night it wasn't an issue. It took hers from noticeably thick to thin enough it just looks like her scalp is darker colored. The only reason you can see it now is because we let her use spray/halloween spray dye that happened to be pink. It took real well to the cradle cap.

ETA: I know you are looking at it from a what's causing it point but like a pp said, try and get it to gone first and then if it comes back you know you have a problem to deal with. Hope you figure it out soon! This might just help keep it under control until then (I know you mentioned it does come back).
lonegirl's Avatar lonegirl 02:06 AM 11-07-2009
For us....adding anything oily made it horrible. Tyr had a mild-moderate case from birth until quite recently....I switched from baby type shampoos to head and shoulders -this is what my husband always uses and I always reacted to it causing my eczema to flare up....but it worked like a charm on Tyr....before I would pick at it and it would peel off in layers taking hair with it is pretty much 100%gone.
babycarrier's Avatar babycarrier 05:45 PM 11-07-2009
My son's recurrent and thick "cradle cap" disappeared with the elimination of dairy and all traces of dairy in all food products.