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Tiphanie's Avatar Tiphanie 12:12 PM 04-27-2002
My ds is two years and eight months. He eats rather well and is rarely constipated. The only problem seems to be that he produces turds too big for his rectum. Sometimes this causes him to bleed, just a little bit. Then he complains that his butt hurts. He quickly forgets(within a fifteen minute period) and doesn't mention it the rest of the day, until it happens again. What can I do for Him? How common is this?

Stacie's Avatar Stacie 09:26 PM 04-28-2002
I would suggest adding some electolytes to his diet. Give him several ounces a few times per day. The body will eliminate what it does not need and will help soften the stool.
maisy's Avatar maisy 03:17 PM 04-29-2002
Hi, sorry only have a second....flax seed oil in diet worked for us. good luck!! maisy
marilyn's Avatar marilyn 10:45 PM 05-01-2002
Oh boy, have we been struggling with this for almost a year now!
My ds, now 3.9 yrs, passed a somewhat harder stool than was comfortable for him last June. After that, he started resisting pooping. At first I thought he was constipated and struggling to go but after observing him in action....he was struggling to keep it in-for days! That made the stool harder and wider for his poor little anus to handle. Oh, we had awful times trying to get him to pass these stools: coaxing, baths, exercise, distraction, you name it. Sometimes I felt like a midwife trying to deliver a stool instead of a baby....let me tell you, it has been awful. Finally, I took him to the doc who recommended mineral oil. This worked
OK but was too little too after the fact and ds would struggle on a couple more days before the mineral oil took effect. Oh yeah, and ds is a picky eater and all my efforts to provide bran, prune juice, etc went for naught. He was compacting his stools and once the damn was broken he would pass 4 or 5 stools in a day.
Here's what we are doing now and the situation is getting better:
Two months ago ds toilet trained so we started a new tactic-no more trying to poop (or not poop) standing up. It's harder to resist in a sitting position. I keep a poop chart on the fridge door to monitor when he goes/needs to go approx every other day. Okay, after a good meal, about 15 mins after finishing we go in and he sits on the toilet. I read books, we talk about toys, anything to get him talking and comfortable and used to the toilet and pooping in general. I've added aloe vera juice, prunes, raisins to his DAILY diet. He has a constant supply in his bowel tract. His ped prescribed a med called Lactulose and although I didn't want to use it at first I did anyway because it worked without any side effects (cramping, runs)and greased the works for the prunes-aloe vera to proceed through. In the 1 1/2 months since getting the medicine we've only had to use it 5 times and now he's pooping regularly every other day...give or take. Sorry this is soooo long, I am thrilled with our progress and understand how awful this can be on a mom and child and want to share my experience. Please PM me if you want to talk further about this. Marilyn
Tiphanie's Avatar Tiphanie 08:23 PM 05-07-2002
We would like to thank everyone for their responses. The electrolyte has helped our ds to have several bowel movements with ease. Although the electrolyte has an upper effect on him as though he just had a cappuccino. Anyway the electrolyte has given his bottom time to heal and now we have moved on to adding prunes to his diet. We shall see how this progresses. I hope not to need a prescription. I really feel for those of you have have dear ones with much more acute cases. This is a very heart renching thing to see you offspring have to suffer through. I hope that you have as much luck as I have and thanks again for your responses.