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Happy Mom's Avatar Happy Mom 01:22 PM 04-27-2002
I brought dd to the doctor's this morning for the fact that ds1, age 7, was diagnosed with strep throat earlier this week. This morning, upon waking, she had a fever of 101.8. And while I know that it is unusual for babies under the age of 1 to contract strep, I wanted to rule this out before their office closed for the weekend and we were left with the ER as an only option. (Thankfully, the strep test was negative) Now, while I believe fevers can be scarey, I firmly believe that a fever is one of our bodies' best defenses to fighting off infection. But I guess I was really surprised when the doctor said "You don't need to call unless the fever reaches above 104." Just 7 years ago when ds1 was going through his first year, the rule of thumb was to always call with any fever over 101. Has the tolerance level changed? Because I was so shocked, I thought I might come here and find out what other mothers/fathers are told in regards to calling about fevers? When do your doctors want you to call?

Thanks in advance!

Millie Ivy's Avatar Millie Ivy 02:00 PM 04-27-2002
Have you read Dr. Mendelsohn's "Raising a healthy child in spite of your Doctor"? He is very wise and I learned alot from reading that. I have let my dd's fevers run their course (she caught about 3 colds this past winter) Each fever got up to between 103 and 104.5. The first one I panicked and gave her tylenol, but the next two I would leave it alone and comfort her. If she seemed really uncomfortable or if I was panicking I would give her a tepid bath to cool her off a little w/o completly messing up the fevers pregress. I didn't take her to the doctor any of these times.
(I also treated her with natural treatments, but that wasn't really what you are wanting to know, so...)
BusyMommy's Avatar BusyMommy 02:15 PM 04-27-2002
Sometimes, I really like our ped. He said the same thing. Don't worry unless it gets to 104. Base it on the child's reaction. My son doesn't seem to slow down much, so we just wait it out, too.

PS: It's the nurses who answer the phones after hours that freak out in my experience. I understand this, but still makes me never want to call them.