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grahamsmom98's Avatar grahamsmom98 01:46 AM 11-14-2009
I'm now 50+ years old & I've never had any type of allergies in my entire life (not even seasonal outdoor-related).

But (pun intended!), within the last couple of months, everytime I eat any type of whole nut (not in a "butter" form or as a "small" ingredient in something else), in exactly 12 hours, I develop a terrible, bright red rash around my anus. Like a 3" circle of very uncomfortable burning & itching. It is awful (murder to wipe)!

It lasts a day and then stops.

I've been careful to see if it does the same with tomatoes (nope) or potatoes (nope). Nada for any other type of usual allergens.

Only whole nuts. Peanuts are the worst (oh, the discomfort after eating a mini Snickers & 2 mini Mr. Goodbar from ds's Halloween haul!), with pecans and almonds a close second. Haven't tried walnuts (I'm being cowardly!).

Like I said, any type of processing seems to change the nut, so no pain with nuts in form other than whole (I love cashew butter, no problems, thank goodness).

I know it is easy to avoid whole nuts, it's not a big deal. I was just wondering if anyone else has had this type of reaction, especially as an adult with no history of any kind of allergies!

kjbrown92's Avatar kjbrown92 02:44 AM 11-14-2009
It seems odd that it would only be with the whole nut and not a processed nut, especially because roasting brings out the allergens.

If I were you, considering it's nuts, I'd go to an allergist, and get tested. You CAN develop an allergy at any time and things can get progressively worse. If that is ruled out, then it's possibly a nut intolerance. Many of the babies/kids over in the allergy forum have the red ring around the anus as a sign of food allergy/intolerance. I haven't heard of it in an adult but anything is possible.
Cascadian's Avatar Cascadian 02:53 AM 11-14-2009
I developed a horrible allergy to nectarines at 36 yrs old.

And bananas at 16.

They can come on at any time.
34me's Avatar 34me 03:04 AM 11-14-2009
I had a horrible reaction Wednesday to goodness knows what. And in the last two years have developed allergies (hives, excema the whole enchilada) to HFCS and Adult beverages. I'm real fun at a party
aris99's Avatar aris99 01:58 AM 11-15-2009
I became sensitive to nuts in the last 10 yrs (I'm in my 40s). They give me a stomach pain....not exactly like an ulcer but similar. I can't eat peanuts, almonds or walnuts. I think sensitivities/allergies can happen at any age!
pianojazzgirl's Avatar pianojazzgirl 01:17 AM 11-16-2009
My FIL developed a nut allergy in his 50s after undergoing chemo for bowel cancer.
kellybelly's Avatar kellybelly 12:34 PM 11-16-2009
I agree with the other posters, allergies can begin anytime in one's lifetime. But I have to add (and here's my moment of TMI) that whenever I eat nuts, I also end up with a bottom on fire! Since they are whole nuts, and come through the other end all ground up, it is like wiping my bottom with pumice. So that is what I thought caused that pain. I never even thought to look for an allergy ring!

Do you notice this rash/pain even if you haven't had a bm?