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Violet2's Avatar Violet2 01:06 PM 12-11-2009
DD has a weird rash going on.

I _think_ it started on her thigh. It was circular, kind of hive-ish and spread up to her stomach on one side. Now it is very faint and is only really easy to see after the heat of her bath.

Now she also has pink spots on her back that have crusty dry skin on them.

Is this eczema?

Stuff we've tried that doesn't seem to work...

--switched lotions
--eliminated lotions and used olive oil instead
--skipped baths

Any other thoughts???? I do think she has some keratosis pilaris going on that is looking pretty red on her arms.

Also how do I know a rash is serious? I've been on the fence about taking DD to the ped. Just when I think I should go, it seems to fade.


anj_rn's Avatar anj_rn 09:25 PM 12-11-2009
I would take her to the doctor. Without being able to see it, it would be very hard for guess what it could be.
WuWei's Avatar WuWei 10:58 PM 12-11-2009
Want to post a photo of the rash?

Have you tried eliminating dairy?

Might try some coconut oil topically.