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2boyzmama's Avatar 2boyzmama 09:52 AM 12-15-2009
My 2 year old has a ventral hernia. I noticed it this weekend, took him to the dr yesterday, who confirmed it's a hernia. He's referring us to the pediatric surgeon.

He said that it's an atypical hernia to have, inguinal is much more common. He also said he wasn't that familiar with them, so didn't know whether the surgeon was likely to recommend surgery or not.

Does anyone here have any experience with it?

My initial thoughts are that we should just get it corrected. My son has a whole list of other medical issues from a genetic syndrome (he's missing a piece of a chromosome, called Velocardiofacial Syndrome or DiGeorge Syndrome). Included in that list is diastasis recti and a small umbilical hernia. He also is not an efficient cougher because of multiple airway defects, so he uses accessory muscles to cough (possibly how he got the hernia anyway). AND, he needs new ear tubes anyway (he has an unrepaired cleft palate plus other ear defects, the ear tubes are necessary). So I'm wondering if we can get the tubes and the hernia repair done at the same time, and if his other abdominal issues can be corrected at the same time (the diastasis and umbilical hernia are not enough of a problem in and of themselves to have corrected, but if he's already having surgery...)