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Peacemamalove's Avatar Peacemamalove 12:10 AM 12-29-2009
Hi Mamas I feel lost my as to what to do. DD who is 2 has a cough for a couple weeks now at night time it went through her brother and sister too. Yesterday though she spiked a high fever a little over 103 we gave her Aconitum napellus and then it finally broke around 11 pm. Her eyes were very bloodshot yesterday. Today she woke up and seemed to be much better playing some but irritable from not have a good nights sleep and the fever.her eyes are still bloodshot and they seem to be hurting her like they ache or something.

They do not look like pink eye as it looks like just spots like if she got poked in the eye and there is nothing goopy or coming out.

She looks ill and does not want a bath she doesn't want any comfort. She pushes us away

She just woke up a few minutes ago crying and rubbing her eyes Dh asked her if they hurt and she broke down sobbing and crying, Poor Dh he just about fell apart

I gave her some Arnica and put a little breastmilk in her eyes and now Dh is bringing her back to bed.

Is this something I should be worried about ? Is this a common symptom?

Peacemamalove's Avatar Peacemamalove 12:26 AM 12-29-2009
she is also very restless and keeps waking up . I feel so bad like I have no way of soothing her

ANy ideas?
midstreammama's Avatar midstreammama 12:36 AM 12-29-2009
Just wanted to pass a hug your way and say i am going through the same cough! I feel like I have been coughing for that is lessened and I have intense pressure over my sinuses which makes my eyes hurt incredibly. They are a bit bloodshot, presumably from all the coughing. I know how she feels not getting sleep. I have been getting in the shower and that helps a very little bit, sleeping a lot. drinking fluids, vit c. Now i'm 28 but i feel her pain! Hopefully she will get better very soon!
Peacemamalove's Avatar Peacemamalove 12:41 AM 12-29-2009
thanks midstreammama and to you! I just have never seen her like this before? She won't even lie down to sleep which is very unlike her. She just cries,rolls around pulls or pushes blankets away.

Dh is rocking with her I am going to go and try to nurse her.
midstreammama's Avatar midstreammama 12:52 AM 12-29-2009
I'm sorry she feels bad! I totally understand though. Trying to get to sleep is horrible! I think this is about night 5 or 6 of bad/no sleeping. I finally broke down and took nyquil pm sinus because I needed to get to sleep. I guess that would be a little harder with a lo. Well, I wish for you very sleepy nights ahead
mommy2maya's Avatar mommy2maya 01:07 AM 12-29-2009
Koalamom's Avatar Koalamom 10:35 AM 12-29-2009
Big hug with your dd there too. emailing you!
Panserbjorne's Avatar Panserbjorne 01:25 PM 12-29-2009
I would look for a remedy that matches the restless, redness of the eyes and irritability. I would personally try pulsatilla just based on what you wrote. It covers all those bases. It often has discharge from the eyes, but not always. It also has changeability of symptoms, fever, cough, dry, irritated eyes that need to be rubbed, restlessness, throwing off the blankets etc. Best of luck.