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Originally Posted by mommy2maya View Post
Not necessarily. Some kids have narrower than usualy eustachian tubes which makes it difficult to drain fluid. Yucky fluid hanging about means more breeding ground for bacteria.
My dd had that. It isn't uncommon to have that happen, and it is why ear infections are so much more common in kids than adults, and more common the younger they are. In GENERAL, they aren't as common in breastfed infants, but breastfeeding is obviously not magic. My dd also joined us early, and that can be a risk factor too. No food allergies or sensitivities though.

My dd grew out of it and doesn't really get ear infections any more. (*knock on wood*) Thank goodness. That has to be one of the most excruciating amount of pain, right up there with tooth abscesses and severe, emergency level, gall bladder pain. Labor is NOTHING compared to that pain.

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Thank you for the tips on how to keep her medicine down! I'll have to try them tomorrow.

I believe she actually does have allergies; I'll have to check out the allergy thread. I had no idea that allergies and ear infections could be connected. She has cradle cap and what I believe is eczema in the ears (scaling in and behind the ears). She also has projectile spit up somewhat often. I am starting to do an elimination diet - so I'll have to check out the allergy thread.
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cradle cap is not uncommon in babies, neither is flaky skin in/behind the ears. I would not bother with an elimination diet if you are not seeing real signs of an allergy.
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Originally Posted by mommy2maya View Post
cradle cap is not uncommon in babies, neither is flaky skin in/behind the ears. I would not bother with an elimination diet if you are not seeing real signs of an allergy.
those are both common signs of allergies. Both my son's scalie bits behind their ears disappeared after removing their allergens.

Cradle cap is commonly caused from excess yeast on the skin, which can be caused from a biotin deficiency which is caused from a gut being unable to properly absorb the biotin or from a person having issues with their biotinase receptors - both of them related to non-ige allergies.

For us, our cradle cap did not disappear with food removal. My son still has it, and I believe he is still struggling with yeasties.

Children deserve the respect of puzzling it out.
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Originally Posted by Scullery View Post
I think you're misinterpreting the literature, which isn't unusual for lay people at times, it's all pretty complicated. Scientists are pretty much pushed to publish publish publish, and they often submit hypothesis with limited research to do so, but it doesn't necessarily mean it has a definite meaning as much opens the door for the next researcher to expand on it. AFAIK there is nothing more in scientific literature that conclusively states Tylenol has this expansive reaction and is a gateway to larger, more serious infections. If so, there would be more info in larger, peer-reviewed journals.

Tylenol is a pain reliever, and EI's can be agonizing, and this little baby deserves pain relief. Also, it is a fever reducer, and fevers can be very dehydrating from insensible fluid loss (you breathe faster with a fever, and when you breathe you lose some fluids.) Babies dehydrate VERY quickly.

Degas, you sound like a very loving mother and I know you don't want to keep your child in pain any longer than necessary. I think the benefits of using the Tylenol and the oral antibiotics outweigh the possible risks. The risks of trying blindly different natural methods right now are keeping her in pain and having the infection becoming worse and possibly life threatening, and I know you don't want that.
I have not misinterpreted the literature at all I don't think.....but being a layperson and all what do I know? Once AGAIN. I am not suggesting the OP not treat her child or should knowingly keep her child in pain. People need to be aware of the risks and benefits of any drug they administer to their child. Many people think Tylenol is totally benign...it's not and there is plenty of scientific literature about treating infections/fevers with tylenol. That being said, If My child were in pain and tylenol was the only thing that I thought would work and was avaliable to me I would use it..and to the OP, so glad your LO is better!!

If the people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny." Thomas Jefferson.

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