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MMMOM's Avatar MMMOM 03:02 AM 01-06-2010
I don't have allergies or sinus issues, but I wanted to learn how to use the neti pot so that I can teach my DD.
I've done it a few times now, and have been able to get the water to come out from the opposite nostril. I can feel water in my ears and can't seem to drain it out! I know it is there because I don't feel normal and it feels a little like after a swim.

I did do the exercise where you tip your head down to remove extra water, but only for a minute or so.

Any ideas? I don't know if the Neti is the way to go for an 8 year old, if there is a possiblity to get water in your ear.

utahmama's Avatar utahmama 04:06 AM 01-06-2010
That's why I don't use a neti pot. It's too easy to get water back in your ears. Especially for an 8 yo that would be tough. This is more $$ than a neti pot, but it's what I use and you don't tip your head.

I'm sure once you get it down with the neti pot it's easy, I know a lot of people really like it. But I like the Grossan too b/c of it's gentle pulsation. Just depends on if you want to spend the bucks. You can also use a WaterPik and they have a nasal adapter for that too.