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missmich's Avatar missmich 11:41 AM 01-10-2010
For the last 2 months or so I've been feeling nauseated. Right now as I type I really feel the urge to run to the bathroom,it's that bad.

I take Effexor for depression and I am careful to take it everyday otherwise I do get super nauseated the next day. On the 19th of this month when I see the doc I'm asking if he can help me taper off. I know that will cause even more nausea though.

In November my problem was that I'd eat just a small amount of food and then feel so sick right after,so I just tried to eat smaller amounts at a time. It sorta helped a little. It went away.

Then in December,like 3 weeks ago now I started to take the pill,Yaz and got really nauseated with it. Since I'm not longer with my bf I'm going to stop taking it and see if it helps.

My sleeping and eating schedule is really off,like upside down pretty much. I'm working on trying to turn it around. For the past 3 weeks maybe I've had some mild cramping,the kind I normally feel when I'm about to get my period,but it hasn't come yet. I don't think I'm pregnant though,since my bf and I used condoms when he had sex and this started before that anyway.

Is there something I can do or something that I can take to avoid feeling so sick? Sometimes peppermint tea helps. I see the doc on the 19th to go over some test results and I'll ask him as well.

Addy's Mom's Avatar Addy's Mom 11:47 AM 01-10-2010
It very well could be the drugs, unfortunately. Have you tried alternating taking them with food or empty stomach, and does that make any difference?

The other thing that comes to mind is gall bladder (only because I have two friends who just had theirs removed, and they had both pain and nausea).

Definitely talk to the doc about it, though. You shouldn't have to suffer from that so often. Hope you feel better soon.
missmich's Avatar missmich 11:55 AM 01-10-2010
It doesn't seem to matter if I eat or not when taking the meds. I will get nauseated for so many different reasons,but normally it isn't this bad. I'll ask the doc about gallstones and see what he says. I just had some standard blood tests done,iron check,thyroid and all that. That's why I'm going to see him soon. I'm vegetarian and I'm assuming he's going to tell me I'm low in iron. Does that make you this sick though?
Addy's Mom's Avatar Addy's Mom 01:03 PM 01-10-2010
Anemia can definitely make you nauseated, although I've never heard of someone who's nauseated fairly constantly from it. (Anemia runs in my husband's family). It might be a combo of factors, too. If you are able to fix one, maybe you'll get significant relief.
Jaxinator's Avatar Jaxinator 01:11 PM 01-10-2010
Birth control made me pretty queasy when I started it, but that went away.
I swear by candied ginger. I take it on flights and it helps me soooo much. My last flight was all sorts of bumpy, and I couldn't see where we were in reference to the ground as we were landing, I was almost in tears, I thought I was going to be sick. But the ginger helped me a ton. You can find it in the bulk section of supermarkets, or in the area with the nuts.
Good luck, I hope you feel better!
missmich's Avatar missmich 01:22 PM 01-10-2010
I love candied ginger! I don't know where to get bulk food here,but there is a nice candy shop near my place that may have it. I can look there.
missmich's Avatar missmich 02:24 AM 01-19-2010
Still feeling sick and it feels worse. My sleep routine is so much better though. I'm just so sick of feeling sick. I was supposed to go out tonight with a friend but had to have him come here instead to watch a movie and asked him to bring me some frozen peas,it was all I thought that I could eat. I get hungry and have just a few bites of food and then I feel sick even though I'm still hungry.

I'm hoping my test results will give me some answers since this is is getting to much to handle now.

I drink my peppermint tea and have my candied ginger and rest (laying on my tummy) when I feel really bad and it helps a little. I've had 2 migraines this week. I stopped taking the pill a few days ago and that didn't help much.
LVale's Avatar LVale 02:34 AM 01-19-2010
Well, I am going through peri menopause, my hormones are all out of whack, but I have decided hormone replacement therapy is not for me. But man do I get nausea to the point where I do throw up, so I take promethizine , it is phenergan, an anti-nausea med. It does wonders. I did all the natural crap, like peppermint, ginger, saltines, vitamin b-6 , aromatherapy, lemon water, etc. But if you need your meds. there is no reason to ask for something for the nausea, in order for you to feel better.
missmich's Avatar missmich 02:53 AM 01-19-2010
I just want to know the cause. Then I can try and figure out the best way to deal with it. When I was 14 I started to feel sick in the mornings so my foster mom took me to the doc and after asking me many times if I was sure I wasn't pregnant they still couldn't figure out why I was feeling sick. This went on almost weekly until I was 21! Not seeing the doc,but feeling nauseated. Sometimes it would be a smell that set it off or eating a little to much or not getting enough sleep so I just worked it out on my own and dealt with it. The nausea would only last from a few minutes to an hour or so though then I'd be fine. I'm now 33 if that matters.

This is getting ridiculous though and I want to yell and scream and swear! It starts within 10 minutes or so of me waking up and then gets worse and I have to lay still. I have no idea what to eat and I'm hungry but can only eat a tiny amount before I feel gross. I think this all started in November.
Liquesce's Avatar Liquesce 07:20 AM 01-19-2010
Six times in my life I've had chronic nausea ... twice were pregnancy related, one was related to medication, once was related to motion sickeness issues (which, thanks to the inner ear, doesn't actually require one to be in motion), once was related to an intestinal protozoal thing (though I have a hard time imagining not having other symptoms with that one), and once was gallbladder related.

Obviously there are other things that can cause it, but that's one small range of possibilities at least. I hope you get it worked out soon ... I know how horrible that can be.
missmich's Avatar missmich 05:54 PM 01-19-2010
The doc told me all my tests results came back fine. I'm surprised that he said my iron levels were ok since I'm pretty sure that I don't eat as many veggies as I should. He's sending me to a specialist to see about my nausea in a few days. He said it could be the Effexor,but that doesn't make me feel sick unless I've missed a dose. He told me I have chronic constipation! I'm not sure I agree with that though,but maybe it's only b/c I don't like talking about it. lol
Mamacitac's Avatar Mamacitac 03:02 PM 01-29-2010
constipationcan cause stomach upset, big time...but it could be other things that aren't coming up on your blood work.

Do you have a gallbladder? have stress? It could be an ulcer or a gb attack.

lyterae's Avatar lyterae 03:16 PM 01-29-2010
When I was on Yaz I had constant nausea until I went off of it. Also, I was on effexor for a period of almost a year and I didn't experience any problems until I quit taking it (I was sick for about 2 weeks afterwards).

I hope that you figure it out and feel better soon.
missmich's Avatar missmich 06:26 PM 01-29-2010
I saw the specialist on Wednesday and he has no ideas of what it could be. he gave me Gravol to take as needed and another script. to take if that didn't work. The Gravol does work,but it takes a long time to take effect. At least it does give me a good window of time to eat and not be sick. Yeah on Tuesday I drank a little to much water and got sick

I'm super thirsty and have popsicles instead of water or juice now for the most part and ate some watermelon the other day and it helped a lot.

I've suffered with nausea on and off for years,but this is 24/7 nausea that prevents me from eating and drinking even a small amount,unless I take the Gravol.

I don't have any other pain or symptoms though so I don't think it's gallstones or a gallbladder issue or any other blockage. I'm hoping it's the Yaz.

How long after stopping Yaz should I get my period? I stopped taking it about 3 weeks ago now and nothing yet.
dairy2dogs's Avatar dairy2dogs 02:39 PM 01-30-2010
I started having nausea in August of last year. Then in October I started having mild pain to the right of my belly button and in my lower right side. I saw many doctors and all my labs came back normal. They finally took my appendix out 2 weeks ago even though the surgeon wasn't sure it was what was causing my nausea, constipation, and pain. The surgeon didn't find any other causes for my pain and sickness, but did say my appendix was slightly inflamed and longer than normal. Sure enough I haven't had any nausea or pain (except for the pain of the surgery itself) since.

I just thought I'd relay my story in case it could help you find a direction to look for the cause of your nausea. I feel for you and hope you can find the answer soon.
MPsSweetie's Avatar MPsSweetie 12:33 AM 01-31-2010
I had been having some severe vertigo and went to the chiro last week, he popped my jaw HUGE and I have had such relief. Its only been a week but I hope it lasts! Consider going to the chiropractor!
WorldsBestMom's Avatar WorldsBestMom 01:23 AM 01-31-2010
I would definitely advise you to go see a doctor. Being that it is ongoing I wouldn't even bother to mention a home remedy. Straight to the doctor you must go.
missmich's Avatar missmich 11:44 PM 01-31-2010
I did go to the doc 2 weeks ago for some blood test results that I got back in December. Everything was fine. I told him about the nausea and he sent me to the specialist on the 27th of January. He felt around my tummy and said he didn't feel any blockages or anything and he really seemed a bit stumped as to what my problem could stem from.

He gave me some gravol to help and to give me a small window with no nausea so I could at least eat something. He also gave me something else that's stronger in case it doesn't work.

I have no pains at all anywhere,just nausea and a bit of a full feeling in my ears. I've also started to get the hick ups a lot! I only had some mild period like cramping about a month ago when I was due to get it,but it didn't show up.

I read on line on a few sites that a major effect of going off the BCP Yasmine causes nausea and this can last a while. It's been close to 4 weeks since I stopped it. I also read that stopping it can mess with the timing of your period as well. I've missed one and should have it back in a week or so.

I also just started to taper off Effexor and this would cause nausea as well,but I only just started this last week and the nausea started like 2 months ago.

I think that as long as I take the gravol and a nap and then eat a little I'm ok,but I can NOT drink! It makes me feel bloated right away and really sick even just a few small sips. I'm sooo tempted to just guzzle as much water as I can,but I know that's not a good choice right now. Tomorrow I'll try and get some more watermelon and juice popsicles.