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arelyn's Avatar arelyn 01:40 AM 01-29-2010
DS (2yrs) has developed a thick, wet cough but it doesn't seem very productive. Any tips on loosening up the junk in his chest?

~Charlie's~Angel~'s Avatar ~Charlie's~Angel~ 11:13 AM 01-29-2010
My aunt said they do something in her hospital called cupping? They cup their hand and pat the back of the patients back a certain way, kind of in a circular, repetative motion, to break the mucus up so they can cough it out.

My kids both had breathing issues when they developed colds (until recently) I found if I didn't start using a nebulizer with albuteral, they would turn asmathic. I would try other more natural remedies, and it always got really bad. Especially with my older son. So now, if they have a tight or unproductive cough, I don't mess around. Out comes the nebby.