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Hey there!

Our ds is 15 months old, still bf, cosleeping and is very happy. We took him for his 1 yr check up and all was well (even though we're not vaccinating *gasp*) and the doc said he (ds, not the doc) was getting over an ear infection. Well, we had noticed that ds was a little more whiny than usual, but dealt with it.

Then dh took ds in for his 15 month check and he has another ear infection. That was a week ago. We had discussed not getting antibiotics for ds (before this episode) b/c we both agree that they don't do much that the body couldn't do on its own, but since it was his second, we got the Amoxicilin (did I spell that right????) and today I noticed that he has a rash all over his body, which is a side effect from the antibiotic.

Then, I reread Dr. Mendholson's guide to a healthy baby in spite of your doctor and I got so angry that I didn't follow my instincts and just let nature take its course!

I looked in a book I recently got about natural healing but it doesn't cover toddler ear infections, and Dr. M's suggestion was 2 drops of olive oil in each ear every two hours along with 10 drops of whiskey (!?) so the child can sleep. I'm fine with the olive oil, but whiskey??? Anyway, do any of you have some suggestions for us? Ds doesn't seem overly bothered by his ears, but in the future, I'd like to know what to do.


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my son had an ear infection that resisted my home treatment, so i agreed to amoxil. he too broke out in a rash, but also had swollen glands and a fever. the doc thought he had a viral rash, but i took him off the meds and he cleared up on his own. i took tons of echinacea tincture so he would get it in my milk, and gave him some vitamin C crushed up in applesauce (250 mg buffered with calcium). he didn't seem in pain, but the congestion bothered him, esp at night. we steamed him in the bathroom and ran the humidifier.

3 months later he got another ear infection. this time it really did not resolve itself so we tried zithromax (eurythromycin derivitive as opposed to penicillin). within 4 hours of the first dose he felt worlds better, so i knew he must have had a bacterial infection. i still gave him extra C and did echinacea, and humidifier and extra nursing at night. he got better quick.

a great book is "healing childhood ear infections" by Dr. michael schmidt. lots of good suggestions and information. if your son has recurring ear infections you may want to investigate allergies. my daughter was allergic to dairy until she was 7. it made her instantly congested and it went right to her ears. we took dairy out of her diet and she was a new person. other common offenders are soy, wheat, citrus and eggs.

i would not give alcohol to a child, very small doses can be intoxicating. motrin works well for inflammatory type pain. oil infused with garlic and mullein works well for ears, make sure to heat it to body temp first.
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Hi, Just a second here, but we give mullein and garlic ear drops from the Herb Pharm if we notice any tugging, etc. Works great. Warm the empty dropper first in hot water. Give 2x/day.
Good luck.
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My son had the same problem.
He was on one antibiotic or another every 10 days.
First of all, antibiotics don't touch ear infections and children who use them don't recover any earlier than those who were well looked after and given Infant Panadol for the pain. The more antibiotics you use the more likey you are to have a repeat infection.
Please look into Leon Chaitow's book: The Antibiotic Crisis. It has a chapter all about Otitis Media (Chronic ear infections)
For me, at my wits end, I just stopped taking my son along to the DR's and took it into my own hands.
I watch my son closely, for signs of him feeling un-well and I use to preventitive way.
Half an inch of fresh olive oil
one clove garlic sliced.
Warm this up over your stove until its warmed enough for the
juice of the garlic to be released.
When it's cool enough but not cold place a drop in each ear.(Make sure there are no actual garlic bits in it)
You can do this for 3 days or so, or even place a clove of garlic wraped in cotton over your childs ear, (change daily) it will draw out infection.
You can then gently wash warm water over your childs ear to aid the release of debris.
This is what I did with my son, and it worked, he had a few bad cases after the first time as he went through a healing crisis, but now thank-god he is healthy and happy.
I also used a product called MSM eye & ear drops.
(MSM stands for Methyl Sulphonyl Methane- its the organic form of sulphur that is stored in every cell in our bodies)
This seems to help in restoring cellular activity and the expellation of toxic substances.
When I used this, the drebris that came out was scary but I felt that it was better out than in and I continued until nothing else came from his ears. He has since had his ears checked and he his hearing is thank God, ok.
Don't let the DR's panic you about Glue Ear, thats more likey to happen from overuse of antibiotics than dealing with it naturally.
It's a very hard task to take back your own power to know what's right for your child and things may seem worse before they get better, I know because I have been through it.
If your child gets a cold, make sure his nose is kept as clear as you can with steam inhalation or saline drops.
One of the problems that can lead to ear infections is a blocked eustation tube or it could just be that's its small as your child is small, this is the tube between ear and nose.
The only other advice I have to offer is get a couple of books on Alternative treatments to chemical therapies, I actually have a book called that which is very good, can't remember the author as I have it out on loan.
Books of this nature will help you be the best judge of what is right for your child.
Robert S. Mendelsohn's book How To Raise A Healthy Child........ In spite of your Doctor, has alot of sound advice.
I hope I have given you something that will help!
Take care and best wishes

Check you library for these books:
Childhood Ear Infections-What every Parent and Physician Should Know M. Schmidt
Beyond Antibiotics-Healthier Options for Families M. Schmidt; L. Smith, M.D.;
K. Sehnert, M.D.
Take Charge of Your Child’s Health George Wootan, M.D.
How to Raise a Healthy Child L. Smith, M.D.
Christina / MN

I've recently been fighting a yeast infection and have learned that yeast
overgrowth can cause ear infections, especially in children. Your friend
might do a little research in a book called "The Yeast Syndrome" by
Trowbridge and Walker. If nothing else, it would rule out yeast as a cause.
I am finding the best way to truely conquer yeast overgrowth (Candida) is a
change in diet, and would recommend against antibiotics, since those
actually increase yeast in the body. I wish her luck!


There are many books on alternative therapy for chronic ear infections.
My favorite is "What Every Parent Should Know About Ear Infections" by
Dr. Michael Schmidt. I got it years ago out of the Natural Baby
Catalog. It's a great read (not sure if I got the title right off the
top of my head).

Anyway, I would highly recommend a good pediatric chiropractor for your
friend. Ear infections have been fought quite successfully with this
method. I myself am taking my 2 kids and myself to one. We just
started a month or so ago, so I can't tell you for sure if it's working
to strenghthen our immune systems, but I've hear rave reviews.

Also, I treat ear infections (or suspected one as I rarely take my kids
to doc) with garlic/willow oil available from "Herbs for Kids".

Hope this helps a little.

Have you considered stopping the antibiotics? After a while, antibiotics
become ineffective through overuse. This prevents them from assisting when
there is a need.
Other options:
Garlic ear dripped into the ear. - Garlic is a natural (meaning disease
cannot become immune) antibiotic, natural analgesic (pain killer) and
natural disinfectant. The oil is heavier than the fluid in the ear and
pushes it out of the eustasion tube so that he will be able to hear more
clearly and so that bacteria cannot stay in the tube. It will also kill the
germs and disinfect the tube. No side effects. Use 1/2 of the oil in a
regular garlic oil capsule per ear. Poke a hole in one end and squeeze the
appropriate amount into the first ear. LEt sit for a few minutes before
inserting the cotton and rolling the child over to doctor the 2nd ear.
Ear Candeling - check with your local health food store for more info and
Breastmilk dropped in the ear - works like the garlic oil.
Stop all dairy which increases mucus formation and helps to breed ear
Homeopathic remedies - check with a homeopath in your area who can find the
right remedy.
Chiropractic adjustment

Hope some of this will help.


Read the article in the latest issue of Offspring (a national parenting pub)
for studies on homeopathy and ear infections. Apparently it is very
effective at treating them. I suggest your friend find a good naturopath or
homeopath and see what they have to say.


Chronic ear infections have definitely been
connected to vaccination. I think the book that
may possibly discuss this the most is "A Shot in
the Dark" by Harris Coulter. You can find it in
just about any book on vaccination. I will post
your query to my mail list and see if anyone else
has info.


Dear Rachael,
A friend from PAVE forwarded your letter regarding your friend's child who has had chronic ear infections. I was unclear whether the child was vaccinated before the ear infections began but I have heard from many, many parents over the years that their children began having these after vaccinations were initiated. Vaccines can have a suppressive effect on the immune system and this is not an unusual manifestation.
Perhaps one of the best suggestions I can make is to have the child brought to a chiropractor. Chiropractic adjustments have been very successful with this sort of problem and,in my experience, they do help boost the immune system. Since antibiotics only work on bacterial infections (and this is clearly not working for this child) there may be another factor involved and a chiropractor can help here. Such long-term use of antibiotics will also have a suppressive effect on the immune system.
About 5 years ago my daughter had a chronic strep infection (throat infection manifested 15 times over 12 months) and antibiotics did not help. Finally we refused to use them any longer and gave her echinacea and began chiropractic treatments. She has never had another strep infection since. Now, I am not sure about dosage for a child 1 1/2 years of age, so you would have to check on this. Vitamin C is also great to help boost the immune system.
I hope this is helpful to you and I hope your friend's son is well soon.


Ear infections are many times not infections at all. The constant use of amoxicillian is weakening this childs immune system which will make it difficult for him to fight infections in the future when a stronger bacterial infection comes along. If there is a real infection occuring I would try some garlic mullein oil drops. Any health food store carries it. It will kill the infection and soothe the aching ear very quickly. However, I would suspect an underlying problem such as an allergy or subluxation. I would consider allergy first if the baby has not been breastfed. An artificial formula or cow's milk may be causing inflammation around the eustation tube which won't allow any drainage. Check the baby's diet. On top of that if he's been inundated with routine vaccines, this will also contribute to allergies. Some babies are allergic to eggs and some vaccines are cultured on chick embryos. Many parents do not know that adverse reactions will occur following a vaccine until it is too late. A subluxation (a vertabrae out of alignment, neck area) is many times the culprit. This will also inhibit drainage and cause discomfort. If the mom had a difficult birth, forceps delivery or any other intervention where the baby's head may have been tugged on it would cause this. Beyond delivery it is very easy for a baby who is active to have a vertabrae move even slightly out of postion enough to cause an ear problem. It is easily rectified by a chiropractic adjustment. It is very gentle and non-invasive. You can read lots about chiropractors relieving ear problems on the internet. My whole family gets regular adjustments. My 4 boys have been getting checked since right after birth. I consider it more valuable than any visit to a pediatrician's office, which none of my children have "needed". They have never needed an antibiotic.

Hope this helps,
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If you would like more info I have more I cannot post here because of the copyright stuff....
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Thank You SO much for all the info. We went to a specialist this week and our son 2yrs old last month was tested for hearing etc. Per doc he has some fluid in his middle ear and slight hearing loss probably caused by the fluid. So here I am looking for ANY info that might help keep him from getting tubes which WE dont think he needs but the doc said "ok, ear infection, tubes" He was a quack in our opinion of everything he said. :mad:

I bought the ear infection book, and printed this to take home. Thank you so much for giving me a place to start. And I think I am going to poor out ALL of the milk too since I have been suspicious of that one for a while too... :


Sandie -- Mommy to Taylor 4/15/00
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Sandie, I have a bunch more info if you would like it. I was going to private message you but you don't have that option for some reason... Please email me if you would like it. pkoschak@sopris.net
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