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I spent 2 1/2 hrs waiting to see about getting a RX because my nose has green snot that it ends up with blood coming out and I get big headaches .

The doctor said well you get them so much that I don't think the antibiotics will end up helping you anymore .

So question is what do I do now because it's in the eyes and the head.
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Oh no, that sounds awful!

I had one on vacation a few months ago. I was pregnant, and the pharmacist said there wasn't anything over the counter she could recommend except some herbal stuff in hot water. Really I just hung my head over a bowl of boiling water with a towel draped over me. It absolutely did clear me out. But I really don't sound like I was nearly as bad as you!

Have you tried a netti pot? I've heard amazing things.

You could try the good old fashioned whiskey and honey route. I've never actually gone that route, so I can't personally endorse it. I'm just throwing it out there...

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Cut out mucus forming foods until this clears up to give you some relief. Cutting out dairy and gluten would probably help a lot right now.
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I think it's time to support the immune system instead of just killing things off.

For us, the best support has been:

high vitamin cod liver oil like Blue Ice or Radiant Life,

extra vitamin D

probiotics like homemade kefir from grains or human strain probiotics ... all mucus membranes of the body from the sinuses to the vagina, are designed to be protected from infection by lactobacillus good bacteria which emit hydrogen peroxide, keep the skin acidic and kill germs.


a whole food nutrient dense diet

natural vitamin C 3x per day if sick from amla or camu or Synergy C or Living C, not chemical ascorbic acid

coconut oil also kills viruses/bacteria/yeast, 3+T per day rec

ditto oil of oregano, Oregamax is best, but it is a bit harsher

I second a neti pot but use mineral rich sea salt like Celtic or Himalaya not processed table salt
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Just to add to your arsenal;
Note: I have no personal experience with MucoStop, but perhaps you want to give enzymes a try. (always start with a small dose and work your way up)

ETA: Oops, I didn't realize that Jane had already included the enzymes link, lol.
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MMS - It always works for me.
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You can try a corticosteroidal nasal spray for a while. that helped me but I would'nt use it continuously like some docs want you to. Just for a few months till you get relief. Are you sinuses and nasal passages completely blocked? For me a 6 day course of prednisone worked if they are plus the nasal spray. These do work although you should'nt use them forever. If you are really bad, I don't think the neti will work. It didn't for me when I was very bad.
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I use apple cider vinegar when I get sinus issues.
1 tb for every 8 oz water
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I have cured some pretty nasty sinus infections before w/garlic. My basic rule of thumb is to eat 1-2 raw cloves every 1-2 hours depending on how bad symptoms are. Start at breakfast and stop at dinner. Also, hang your head over the boiling pot of water a lot to inhale as much steam as possible - not too close, though, you don't want to get burned! If you have trouble getting the garlic down, try putting pressed cloves into some mashed potatoes. Take a spoonful and put it into the very back of your mouth and just swallow very quickly. You will smell heavily of garlic, but it is worth it.

Also, do some immune boosting... Apple cider vinegar 3 times a day (must be diluted in water and should contain the 'mother'), Cod liver oil, vit. c, good probiotics, eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies, cut all dairy, get lots of rest.

There are other things besides the garlic, like grapefruit seed extract and silver, but I would do the garlic first along w/the other immune boosting mentioned.


All natural sahm to dd1(12yo) and dd2(6yo). Married 16 years.

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Ditto to all the suggestions from allnaturalmom. I've also used raw garlic for sinus infections and all types of infections and it really does work. I read a long time ago that raw garlic is more potent than penicillin. It's not pleasant to eat raw garlic, but probably better than having the sinus infections. I would also take probiotics if you've been on antibiotics before.

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May sound funny BUT KEEP your feet warm!!!!

And eveything before
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Two things I did when I recently had a sinus infection and was desperate to get rid of it w/o abx (and did!) was to swab inside my nostrils with a paste of a little ground cayenne pepper + water with a qtip & take a big sniff to get it into your nostrils. It does burn for a few moments, but it is tolerable (at least for me). It was a home remedy I found online and it definitely clears your sinuses so you can breathe for a bit. Also, drinking a "tea" with hot water, cayenne, 1/2 a lemon + raw honey also helps clear your sinuses.

I also did much of the immune-boosting things already mentioned. It took a couple of weeks, but I beat it without an rx.

And I used a grapefruit seed extract nasal spray, b/c my nose was so dry.

Feel better!
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This is what my naturopath does:

Put some Silver in a nasal spray bottle - Spray it up up your nose and sniff hard while doing it (so it gets wayyy up there), even lay with your head upside down and do it.

She said for chronic infections you may have to do this daily for up to three months.

You may need to start detoxing too, your immune system seems to be out of wack so work on that too. Good luck!



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