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veggiewolf's Avatar veggiewolf 10:55 PM 05-06-2002
I've had migraines all my life, and have run the gamut with treatment - herbal, diet changes, and even prescription medications - all to no avail.

I am wondering if anyone has experience with acupuncture as treatment? I am also wondering what it feels like - I am terrified of needles, but I've heard it really helps, and that it doesn't hurt. Is this true?


bebe luna's Avatar bebe luna 11:26 PM 05-06-2002
yes yes yes!!!!
it does help!!
my very good friend suffered horrible migraines for years... she was on all the migraine prescriptions... she was miserable... she went to see our friend and teacher, an excellent acupuncturist... he told her to stop taking all her meds or he wouldn't treat her... she was terrified but did... he started out giving her acupuncture 2 x a week, then 1 x a week, now just once a month... well since she began seeing him she has not had one migraine!!
don't be scared of the needles... they are tiny and hurt very, very little, if at all!!
gauge14iv's Avatar gauge14iv 09:39 AM 05-07-2002
I had a very gentle acupuncturist - and as she placed the needles (Im a chicken too!) it actually felt GOOD!!!!! I could just feel all the pain running out like water and then it would be gone and it would stay that way for 6 mos or so!!!! It was AWESOME!!!!!
autumnmom's Avatar autumnmom 07:45 PM 05-10-2002
I used to suffer from terrible migraines as a teenager. I never tried acupuncture but took the herb feverfew once a day and it would completely ward them off. I went a week when I was 17 without them and had a migraine and it also helped the pain during an episode. I would look into it if you have not tried it yet...
By the way, I stopped taking it daily when I was 18 and I am 26 now and totally migraine free.

I was interested in having acupuncture done for post c-section. Maybe that would be a good idea? Someone told me it would help for future births (VBAC)

Good luck!
Clarity's Avatar Clarity 11:29 PM 05-10-2002
some treatment can be done with acupressure only, or moxa (incense) until you're comfortable. ask to use narrow gauge needles, and ask to see them,....they're like a hair. NOTHING like medical needles...I was very frightened of needles for a long time...a lot of pain associations from childhood. I'm ok with acupuncture though. I found it helpful for sinus headaches. I have been mostly pregnant or nursing while in treatment so I don't know if i'd still get my occasional pms migraine...doubt it though. i have had friends suggest cranial-sacral therapy bodyworkfor migraines...