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purslaine's Avatar purslaine 06:46 PM 06-26-2010
I took my son to the chiropractor for GERD (Gastro -Esophagael Reflux Disease) and she diagnosed him with scoliosis. When he lifted his shirt I could see the spine curve to the right.

She took a number of ex-rays, and we are going back on Monday to follow up.

I have been doing research on the internet and scaring myself. I am really hoping his curvature is well under 40 degrees. I am scared and would really appreciate good vibes/hugs. I will update Monday.

Tell me your scoliosis story. Tell me what you wish you knew when you were first diagnosed (or your child was) - and if you have any decent articles/sites to share I would really appreciate it.

FWIW, he is 14, 6 foot 1 - so I think he is done growing (thank g-d...I do not think curves progress after your finished growing).

To me (and the chiropractor) is seem pretty likely that the spine curving is pressing on the esophagus (or something near it). His GERD symptoms are in the exact same area as his curve.

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prothyraia's Avatar prothyraia 06:52 PM 06-26-2010
I don't have a whole lot to share, but my younger brother was diagnosed with severe scoliosis (in his early 20's) a few years after I moved out of state. I'm that nobody caught it before then.

He did need major surgery, but it went very well and he's doing wonderfully (and is much taller, heh.)
Dmitrizmom's Avatar Dmitrizmom 06:58 PM 06-26-2010
I've personally seen several patients have great reduction in curvature with chiropractic care. I worked with another chiropractor who was introduced to chiropractic as a teen for his own scoliosis - he had a curve of 38 degrees and with 6 months of chiro care it was reduced to 4 degrees. FTR, males can continue growing until 21 or so - the growth plates close for them at that point.
mbravebird's Avatar mbravebird 07:05 PM 06-26-2010
I was diagnosed with scoliosis early on -- 2nd grade, I think. I don't know what degree it was, but my mom took me to chiropractic for years. I am absolutely fine and have no side effects from it to speak of. You can't even see it now.

I'd also recommend craniosacral, to support the chiropractic. As an adult, I've found craniosacral adjustments to be more permanent and profound than chiropractic alone. I haven't had a need for the chiropractor since I started craniosacral -- so about five years now. Before that, I often needed neck adjustments.
JaneS's Avatar JaneS 07:23 PM 06-26-2010
I would get vitamin D blood testing and do high amounts (of D3 liquid or gel tabs)to get levels up in high normal range.

Since you live in Canada, you can't even make D from sun most of the year. See The Vitamin C Council website.
nataliachick7's Avatar nataliachick7 07:36 PM 06-26-2010
i was told i have scoliosis when i was in labor at the age of epidural didnt work bc of my spine being misaligned. I get mild back pain sometimes. i dont have money for any kind of treatment but it doesnt really bother me in day to day life. hopefully your sons isnt too severe.....ive heard physical therapy, chiro, cranio work are supposed to be helpful.
blumooned's Avatar blumooned 06:49 PM 06-27-2010
I was diagnosed at age 13 & had surgery at age 14. I had 3 steel rods fused to my spine to straighten it, which are still there. After the initial healing time (6 mos or so), I have no complications & no restrictions. My spine was curved in 2 places & both were pretty severe - over 60 degrees each - which necessitated the surgery.
I do know 1 person who used chiropractic care to treat her curve. She was also a teen & had less severe curves than me. As far as I know, the chiropractor worked for her.

In my case, the scoliosis runs in our family. We don't know who we inherited it from, but my 3 sisters & I all have/had varying degrees of curves. My brother does not. 2 of us needed surgery; 2 are mild enough not to need treatment. Not to scare you, but I would make sure your other children are screened too, especially as they become teens.

If you have more questions, feel free to ask - I'll tell you whatever I can.

eta: here is info from the hospital where I had surgery
purslaine's Avatar purslaine 08:32 PM 06-27-2010
Op here.

yes, my youngest sister had it as a teen. Of course, no one told my mom that relatives have a 20-25% chance of scoliosis.

I have told another sister (who also has children).

My other children will be screened regularly.

KatWrangler's Avatar KatWrangler 01:53 PM 06-28-2010
Did you get the results yet?

purslaine's Avatar purslaine 03:17 PM 06-28-2010
No. We go to the chiropractors in 40 minutes. I am nervous wreck. DS is not - he does not yet realise the magnitude of scoliosis. One should not spend one's weekend reading up on scoliosis on the net - it is a anxiety filled activity.

(of course, it does not help that many sites claim chiro is bunk; and many other claim it is a godsend. Where is the middle ground? )

trghig's Avatar trghig 04:22 PM 06-28-2010
I have scoliosis. It was found when I was very young at about 8 or so. I have 3 fairly bad curves. I wore a back brace for many years. Now as an adult there are things that it effects. For example I can't have an epidural during labor. I have more back pain during preg. than most woman. The biggest tip I can give it make sure you keep a strong core muscles. The strong your core muscles are the less issue you have with the scoliosis.
purslaine's Avatar purslaine 06:49 PM 06-28-2010
The update is very good. He has a minor curve (15%), the reason his back looks like it has a "C" curve is because his muscles are pulling things to one side??? I do not really understand it, but she thinks it is partly a muscular thing. The good news is his spine is reasonably straight, so I am happy . We will continue to monitor.

He will still be seeing the chiropractor to treat his GERD and mild scoliosis. I have no idea if the chiro can help with the GERD, but western medicine has not, so it is worth a shot.

I am one relieved mama!

KatWrangler's Avatar KatWrangler 07:50 PM 06-28-2010
Oh I completely get what you are saying. We have something similar with DD2. She has Lipomyelomeningocele and Tethered Spinal Cord. In her case because her right side is weaker it pulls her out of alignment (due to nerve damage). We thought she had scoliosis, but after doing the tests, she doesn't. Now in our case it's possible she could get it. But right now she is okay.

So it sounds like you had a good appointment.
blumooned's Avatar blumooned 01:40 AM 06-29-2010
I'm so glad you got happy results!! Now you can focus on getting him better & not have to worry about so many "what ifs". I hope your son's treatments help with the GERD - my guess is that he is probably more concerned about that since he can actually feel its effects!

Originally Posted by kathymuggle View Post
I am nervous wreck. DS is not - he does not yet realise the magnitude of scoliosis.
I remember feeling like your DS. I was extremely upset when I was first diagnosed - I think I cried for a day - but it went away. After the initial shock, I wasn't upset. I don't think I was ever really nervous. I remember being happy & relieved when the doctor said I had to have surgery - I was happy that there was a quick fix & I could be on my way. I was a teen who thought I was invincible - I never once doubted that everything would turn out fine. I can't imagine what my parents were going through at the time, though!

I probably still don't truly know the magnitude of scoliosis! I've done some research as an adult & I know everything I was told as a patient. Mostly, I don't really think about it. It is funny how often I meet others who have it or know someone who has it, though. I think it's a lot more common than we know!

to you & your DS as you get on the road to his recovery - I hope all goes well for you both.
subtlycrunchy's Avatar subtlycrunchy 12:26 AM 06-30-2010
There could be some connection between the GERD and bone problems. Digestive problems may hinder calcium absorption -- I don't know if this will help you, but the site has lots of helpful info about diet and bone health. Good luck!
MyLilPwny's Avatar MyLilPwny 03:39 PM 06-30-2010
Check out the CLEAR Institute. They are supposed to be really good at treating scoliosis the non-surgical way.

No one ever noticed my scoliosis when I was growing up, but I definitely had it from what I was a young teen. I just never knew what a lopsided waiste meant. My left side has been fatter than my right side because I have a curve there. I also have another curve on my upper right side that made my right shoulder higher than my left shoulder and always had muscle pain there. I went to the chiropractor when I was 24. That was my first diagnosis. Apparently the chiropractor measured my curves wrong because when I looked at the x-rays I remember that the curves looked really bad, but she told me the curves were only 19 degrees and 16 degrees. Fast forward 4 years later to where I'm at now, I started seeing a new chiropractor who recommended that I get new x-rays. These new x-rays are measuring my curves at 47 degrees and 36 degrees! Ugh. At least I don't have any noticeable health problems from the scoliosis. It just bothers me aesthetically because I should be like 2 or 3 inches taller than I am now and my stomach would look much nicer if my spine wasn't scrunched down. I wouldn't ever do the surgery to correct it. I wish I had spinal rehab done when I was younger with chiropractic work and I think the CLEAR Institute would have been awesome to have, but I'm done growing now and it can't really be corrected now.
Eeyore_fan's Avatar Eeyore_fan 03:34 PM 07-01-2010
Kathy, glad to hear the good update!

I was diagnosed with scoliosis when I was 13 years old. At the time of diagnosis, the curve was 32 degrees. Four months after my diagnosis, it was 38 degrees. I started wearing a Charleston bending brace at night. Then I started going to Shriner's Hospital, and I started wearing a Boston TLSO (all day).

My curve has remained fairly stable at 38-39 degrees. My last check-up was a couple years ago. I feel it is important to get it checked out every couple of years or so as an adult, esp. more so if the curve is moderate.
Areia's Avatar Areia 03:51 PM 07-01-2010
I was diagnosed in elementary school during the yearly scoliosis check (do they still do those?). I don't know the degree, but it must have been minor because I didn't have to do anything differently. It wasn't a problem until my first semester of college - I commuted an hour on a train, loaded with books and usually having to stand for most of the ride. My chiropractor was a life saver and I have to wear a 1/2 inch lift in my left shoe. It doesn't really affect me although if I spend a couple of days in a row mainly barefoot or wearing flip flops, I'll start to feel it. Honestly, the most annoying part has been finding cute sandals that can accommodate my lift! I'm hoping everything turns out ok for your son!